Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A lot can happen...

I had a baby.

On January 28,2012 I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. And I love him. He's growing faster than I can comprehend. I haven't mentioned it before because of two reasons.
a. I miscarried previously so I'm a little gunshy about big announcements.
b. I do believe that my son should get to make his own digital persona one day.

I don't really know how to separate him from who I am now as a person. Like his father before him, he has completely changed who I am. I'm still trying to figure out where all the boundaries of sharing are going to be for me. I know that this learning process of being a new mom is very much about me, but it will always also be about him now. So bear with me as I try to figure this out.
I'm pretty sure he's doubled in size since we took this VERY goofy looking photo.