Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas #2 and #3

I made it back. Finally. After a long break and wonderful, very busy holiday filled with little surprises... I am back. One day of work and then we're off for the next round of holiday cheer. If the snow doesn't interrupt the festivities anyway. I have to head home and pack for the weekend. I haven't even really unpacked. Next year I'm doing Christmas at an absurd time of year and not traveling when it might snow. From now on Christmas really will be in June. Well, at least my visit will be. Maybe August. Or May. NOT December. It'll be at a time when I actually have time to see people and they have time to see me. Yeah? Yeah. I think so.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Being a guest at home

I love coming home. Mostly because I no longer have chores here. I'm on vacation. Not living "real" life. It's a nice thing to be on vacation with the people I love. I'm so very lucky today. No major plans. Just hanging out. Maybe wrapping some presents... Ooh! Buying a Christmas tree? maybe... and some video games thrown in for good measure. All knit together with some really good food.
All in all it should be a VERY good day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Shenandoah

I love to see you....

And I get to see you today! We're leaving the big city and migrating south for Christmas. One week of BV goodness and madness and then it will be back to our real lives.
I'm hoping to see at least 4 good old friends, my WHOLE family (and that's a LOT), and eat plenty of traditional foods. Also relax a little. And make sure that all my christmas presents made it out. That's not too much to ask for right?
And Christmas songs keep slipping through my head... Happy Holidays..... I'mmmmm Dreeeaming oooof a whiiiiite ChristMaaas.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

East Coast

We made it safely to D.C. So far? We ordered a pizza and played 3 hours of Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Good Vacation. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

The LAST day

of work! I'm leaving for the east coast tomorrow, and I'm stoked!!!
I'm not so excited for the early morning flight, but honestly the fact that I'll be in VA( or at least DC)by 3:30 pm EST totally makes up for it! YAY!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tooooniiiiight Toooniiiiiight....

Me, Em and P are getting our Tron on!!! Em hasn't ever seen it (and to be fair neither had I until I met P and he MADE me) and so we're going to all hunker down with our tostadas tonight and watch TRON. It's going to be epic. No. Really. I like it. And the new one opened today. I'm super stoked to see it.
With Em and P of course! (Em? You go on lots of dates with us. I like having you with us, but maybe we should work on the getting you coupled up? . . . Or you can just keep hanging with us. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today has been moving incredibly slow! I mean it feels like it should be five already.
It's definitely not. The sun is still up, so it can't be before 4. Ridiculous winter.
So to pass the time, I'm reading this. And I'm loving it. It's very compelling juvenile fiction. And I happen to identify strongly with the heroine. So all in all, it should be a good day. Just slow.
Pudding cup + finishing the book = very productive work day!

Magical Misty Mornings

It snowed last night. about 2 inches(?) And while I wasn't too thrilled with it, I have to admit that the effect of the little short trees at work + white lights + a light misty morning = magic. Too bad I was on the way IN to work.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

F-Mobile (I could write this one in my sleep)

My phone STILL has the stupid data plan on it. I'm asking politely people. I'm not being mean or rude or in any way inconveniencing YOU (T-mobile). ALL I'll doing is asking for one small portion of my plan to be removed. Is this really the best you can do? You make me want to eliminate phone service altogether. I refuse to believe that you are incapable of doing this. This happens to be your entire job (Customer care? I think not.) fixing phone issues. It seems that your job is instead just telling me you can't. Way to be awful. You overcharge. You underserve. You make me hate this particular technology. Way to destroy your customer base. From now on I swear to only get the most minimal plan you provide. It seems to be the only thing you can correctly service. I'm not even sure that, that is a gross overstatement. F minus again T-mobile. If you had any accountability you'd be closed by now. (Unfortunately I'm sure that's true of most phone services.) Inadequate. FAIL.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The last week

I'm only five days away from going home for Christmas. It's been three years since I was actually there for the day of Christmas. I'm so excited. And for some vague reason I'm worried. I'm thinking it's because I'm making P miss his usual Christmas. But I'm not entirely sure about that. Maybe it's the traveling. The whole TSA routine. Remembering everything we need for 10 days away from home. Forgetting a "vital" christmas present. I'll just worry until I make a list or actually pack. But once we get there, I am determined to relax! Ah the holidays. "The most wonderful time of the year..."

Friday, December 10, 2010


So two posts ago (Kickstarter) I discussed the awesome website Kickstarter. I put a proposal out there, and guess what! They accepted it. I'm not going to reveal all the great details yet, and I have quite a few things to work out before I actually open it up for rewards. I'm super excited that my idea qualifies. I really wasn't sure if it would. I have a lot of work ahead of me to make this happen, but I haven't been this excited about a project since my senior year of college in Production Design. I still get a little misty inside over that project.
I'll be sure to keep you all updated on what's happening. (Hint: it has to do with me writing again! but it's not this blog. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've obviously got plenty of free time at work. Which is not to say that I don't do my job. I do my job. Quickly and well. It's just that as any secretary can tell you, waiting for the phone to ring can be a tedious process. This is why I blog. Because of the tedium. I don't feel super productive reading a book. I feel cliched reading a magazine. And watching video at work is just taboo. So I blog and surf. Which, is a great work activity, because I'm still typing and reading, but I'm using the computer in a work condoned fashion. Also I don't go crazy thinking about what to do. I do however like the busy times at work when I have papers to file, phones to answer, projects to work on, and other various and sundry things. I like the feeling that comes with completion (though these things aren't really ever done.) I like clearing my desk and knowing that it's "finished." I'm a bit obsessive over where things go on my desk. I know it looks cluttered, but it's where it's supposed to go! I used to tell my mom this, but she never believed me. And that's why I don't live with my parent's anymore.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday, after browsing the great wide interwebs all afternoon, I stumbled upon Kickstarter. Now, I've read a few things about Kickstarter in the past but I hadn't looked all that closely at what they do. oh? You're not familiar either? Okay, here's what they do. They let you fundraise monies to help support or pay for a creative endeavor. They also let you pay to support other people's awesome ideas. The record on fundraising? This guy. He overshot his goal by 4,467% and he's not done yet. There's 8 days left to go.
I'm fascinated by this business model. I'm trying to think of a qualifying project, and if I come up with one... You'll be the first to know. After P.
In other news, I'm excited for this weekend. I'm going to get to spend Friday and Saturday with EM!!! YAY!!! I finally get to hang out with Em again! We're having another thanksgiving and decorating a tree. :) It's gonna be epic.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From one blog to another

I've been reading lots and lots of excellent blogs lately. To use up the early morning blah that I feel when I first get into work, to pick me up and inspire and motivate. To remind me that it's okay to be. However that is. Some of these blogs have thousands and thousands of followers. Some have less than ten. I love reading them all. Just like I love looking in lit windows at night. The voyeur in me wants to see your lives. As much as you're willing to share.
I love the moments where you see the honest truth, and the funny bits of life. I like seeing what you really think. For that matter I like saying what I really think. Not that I don't censor what I say, because I know my mom is reading this (Hi mom!), and because writing is about editing. Sometimes writing is more about what you don't say than what you do say. Isn't that funny? I love the ability to change the meaning with a letter... or punctuation... or ...
That's why I love blogging, and more importantly, love reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Trading Futures

This article from the NY Times about Breastfeeding at work was almost enough to make me apoplectic. Not the article itself mind you. The article was fine. Nothing overly radical. Not really. It's the comments that made me furious. Especially the one about needing a smaller population on planet earth.
I'm sorry, but if we stop having babies we will soon be seeing problems similar to France and China. (France is struggling with a lack of native frenchmen, and China's problems with population control have been well documented.)
America has ceased being a world leader in that instead of creating we are consuming. We are putting capitalism ahead of families. Small steps are being seen in hybrid vehicles, smaller affordable housing, eating and buying local, and creating things with our own two hands. The "green" trend is about sustainability. Something our culture is severly lacking. We need to stop taking and start giving.
Our need to self-gratify is short circuiting the future of our nation. Fewer young adults are getting married. More couples are waiting to have children. Families are getting smaller. I don't see this as a good thing. I don't see this as a way to make sure that everyone is provided for. I see it as selfish. An unwillingness to sacrifice. The great mothers and fathers that I've known (and have) sacrifice everyday for the future. It's hard. And they love it. Most days. They've given up careers and hobbies. They've given up "figures" both physical and financial. And I don't know one who regrets the children they're lucky enough to raise. I see larger families and small towns as building community. I see it as a selfless way to increase the amount of love there is in the world.
When I read people's opinions stating that children are obnoxious or whiny or out of place, I can't help but think that they are just frustrated with the competition. Children are the future. We won't be young forever. Neither will they. When they're "adults" I expect them to sacrifice too.
There is a reason it's called the circle of life. I expect to sacrifice for my children so it can continue. And if it means being "poor" and spending time with them, I will gladly follow my mother's example of selflessness and sacrifice. If I had to cut back hours or quit my job to feed my child, I would. The life of a child is more important to me than money. I can get by on less. I have before. I hope I can remember that when push comes to shove.

Addendum: I'm not saying everyone should be seeing fertility specialists and going baby crazy. I'm not saying that every mother should have her toddler at work. But healthy families should be supported and encouraged.That's what I'm saying. Have your family the way you want. I'll have mine the way I want. 

Weekend News update!

P and I did indeed sell our trusty vehicle this past weekend. Gone and DONE! Yay! We are now pedestrians and public transportation users. Which we kind of were already. Which reminds me. Gotta get rid of that insurance plan! I watched  No Impact Man on Friday, so I felt rather funny selling the car on Saturday. Very trendy. Anyway, I'm really liking the feeling of getting rid of stuff and cleaning out our tiny apartment.
In celebration of selling the car we stopped at IKEA and bought a smaller table to go in our kitchen. And it's perfect! I really love it.
Part of this cleaning frenzy has to do with the fact that we're going out to the East coast for 10 days over the holidays... and then once we come back my older sister will be coming to stay for awhile with us. So I'm busy making room. And it's frustrating to know that some things are REALLY lost. And some things are just gone. No clue where they went. But we know they aren't in our apartment any more.
I've been on a documentary kick recently. I watched The Royals, The Lottery, Food Inc, and No Impact Man. I'm a fan of the genre, but mostly because it fuels my interest in finding out more about the topics. As documentaries are skewed to the extremes, one way or another.
It's been a good weekend here in the city.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday is an amazing day

I may have sold my car. I'll let you know on Monday for sure. But for now we'll wait and see if the transaction goes through. Thank heavens for bus passes!

Friday, December 3, 2010


That's what I came home to last night! Right after blogging about our dirty kitchen I went home to find my hubband in an apron washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen! And he hadn't even read my post yet. Such a sweet man.
In other news, Bones last night was so good. I love the fact that they are allowing Hannah to be a real character and not just a foil. The problem is that while I like the growth that Brennan is going through in seeing what a good relationship can be, I think they're going to kill off Hannah. I just don't think it's permanent. (Also I could have sworn that she was on an ad for a show premiering in January. But maybe that's just some other similar hot blond chick. Nah. We all know there's only one of those in Hollywood.) And they're going to have to kill her, because what girl in her right mind would leave Booth? On another side note, Kathryn Winnick (Hannah) is a licensed bodyguard. Awesome.
Oh, and if any of you loyal readers are wondering what to get me for Christmas? Bones is definitely on the list.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waiting ...

Sometimes you learn new things about yourself. Today I'm grouchy and tired. I have a bit of a headache. I'm looking forward to the end of work though. It's been a rawther quiet day as a friend of mine would say!
Unfortunately Em and I aren't having our Thursday tradition... I think. Em?
But that's okay, I'm meeting a couple of other friends for dinner. At Cafe Rio!!! YAY!! I love their nachos. And not cooking. Especially since our house (read: kitchen) is a MESS! I don't mind too much, because P washes dishes. So I'm okay with the clutter. This is the agreement we have. And I like it.

Also, I like buying people presents. Which is why P is getting loads of stuff this year. :)


I am trying to coordinate a meeting with over a dozen people. Not regular people mind you. Doctors. People whose schedules are already nuts, and I want them all to stop for an hour in ONE room. I am attempting the impossible. Again.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Christmas Season

I really can't believe that the year has gone by so quickly. I blinked and it's December already. Usually at this time of year I'm scrambling to figure out what to do for the holidays, but this year? This year I'm going home. And knowing that I would have to get presents to the other side of the country, I shopped early. I shopped often. And online. That way everything would go straight to my mom's house. Well almost everything. I'm still waiting for a few packages...
Christmas is well on it's way, and I only have a two more weeks before I actually leave to go home! (Can you tell I'm excited?) I get a 10 day vacation and lots and lots of family.
Having crazy family. That's the true meaning of Christmas right?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T not mobile

They suck. Do you remember that rant I had awhile back about customer service?
Turns out... it's justified.
STILL not fixed.
And this is after a second and third visit to the store where a very nice brand-new manager tried to help me.
Two weeks later? Still not fixed.
F minus T-mobile. F minus.


Last night I watched Iron Jawed Angels. It was a very interesting and gripping story. P wasn't interested. I was though. And really its a movie for women. There's very few men involved in the story actually. Except as antagonists, and one very cute Patrick Dempsey as the love interest. I'm not really sure how historically accurate it is, but I'm planning on finding out.
Also, last night P and I picked up Em from the airport!! Yay! You can expect to see more BriannEm adventures soon!
Tonight I'm planning on ... hanging out at home. Maybe going out to eat with a friend. Or maybe staying in. I'm not entirely sure. But that's the way it goes.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Thank Heavens for hubbands who make me delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Yummy!

Just what I needed on this cold, snowy afternoon. I love P. Love him!


After the delicious extended weekend topped off yesterday with LOTS and lots of snow...

P and I watched Food Inc yesterday. I know that it's supposed to be shocking and full of new information. It's supposed to change the way you feel about food. Or rather the food industry. But to tell you the truth, the movie didn't really show me anything new. It didn't show me any way to fix the problem. It showed me the problems I already knew about. I know about the giant corporations, and the processed foods made of basically two ingredients... I know about the evils of the farming world and manufacturing plants. I've heard all this before, and I've seen it. The packaging was a bit more compelling, as film almost always is...but to tell you the truth, I feel the same as I did before. I buy the food I do, because it's what I can afford. Recently that's gotten better. I'm buying more raw foods. I'm buying ingredients. But I can't afford organic. I recognize the issue. I vote with my dollar. I wish I could grow a really SMALL garden. Something manageable. I wish I could live in the country AND the city. I wish I had time to save the world and support my family. Wishes and fishes. Unfortunately not much has or will change.
It was a good movie though.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't get fat.

This is my goal for today. To not eat to the point where I'm in pain. I can eat slowly over a long period of time and stuff myself, that's just tradition. This year I want to slow it down and enjoy it!
On another subject entirely, I was thinking last night about where my family has lived and I realized something strange. We lived in Texas... and then Utah... and then Virginia. Mom? Dad? The next place you live can only be Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, or (DC) or West Virginia. OK? It's important that we preserve the alphabetical continuity of your home state. (Let's just forget I was born in Hawaii)
Today we're headed off on a little trip to the different families, so I may not be back for a few days. Then again, I may have so much free time that I blog lots and lots!!!
I'm wishing I could see everyone today. This is the longest I've been without Em... since I got married!!!  Ack!!
I really don't think you should move home m'dear.
Anyway....Oh! The contest. Because I had so few entries, I've decided you ALL win!!! Keely and Manda... I think I'm going to send your prizes home with Bryan if I can, because I'm cheap. Stef, I'll bring you yours.
And what is your prize? You can either request your favorite candy bar... OR you may let me pick you out something AWESOME from the dollar store. Its up to you. Just let me know!
Everyone else that read, and didn't compete... Why? See how nice and generous I am? You could have won too. :( Thanks for reading though! I love watching that little meter just go up!
Happy turkey weekend everyone. I hope you all have four or five day weekends!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So, as I predicted tuesday morning, I got to leave work early due the the "blizzard" hitting the Northwest. By the time it actually reached Salt Lake, it really wasn't more than a winter storm. A heavy one that really impacted driving if you were on the road... But I stayed holed up in my little apartment with P. I got home from work about 2:30, pestered my sweet hubband for about 2 hours, made tostadas for dinner (So easy!) in defiance of the cold weather we're experiencing, and then crawled into bed and watched it snow for the rest of the night. It was a magical evening. Mostly because it never seemed like an emergency. I love the fact that because we were all so prepared for a blizzard, the winter storm seemed like nothing. If you prepare for the worst you can easily handle the speed bumps, right? As I prepare to drive down to Utah County, and then up to Kamas for the holidays, I have to remind myself that we're not going to die driving in the snow. Really.

Right now outside my office it looks like a snow globe. I can't tell if it's wind or actually snowing, but it's really pretty. As long as it doesn't actually turn into a blizzard...

PS: I hope all of you have wonderful holiday plans. I might stop by to blog a bit more, but I haven't decided yet. Oh, and be sure to eat too much! It's the only time of the year it's really socially acceptable.

PPS: I made it to $1.00!!! So, as promised I'll be holding a little contest. Whoever can find the coolest item on Amazon  for under a dollar wins. Leave a comment with a link to the item and you'll be entered to win! I'll accept comments through to Wednesday at midnight.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turning a Profit

I made $0.80 !!! Thanks guys! When I reach a reasonable amount.. say... $1.00 Maybe I'll hold a giveaway! I love giveaways... But what should I give away? Hmmmm.....

Snow Day

So apparently Utah is expecting a blizzard. Maybe I'll get to go home early? glad you're missing the bad weather! Family... I wish I could be there for the holidays. Hopefully travel won't be too crazy this week. Everyone be safe today so you can celebrate Thursday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple 
I love this store's dresses. I first ran into Shabby Apple through Me, Myself & Mommy. I love the structured, modest dresses. The range of casual to cocktail are perfectly wearable. I love the color and the design of these dresses. And I've been thinking of myself as a skirt and blouse person for years. I saw this site, and there is no way I'll ever be just a skirt person again. Nothing can compare to the ease of slipping into a dress and Voila! you're ready to go.
The part that I've been hesitant about ordering is that I have a very curvy figure. Not many dresses fit my top and my bottom. (Hence the separates.) But this weekend the stars aligned, and Shabby Apple held a trunk show. I was able to swing by Saturday morning and try on a handful of dresses. Looking at what I had picked up in the dressing room I realized that I definitely tend to blacks and blues. I'm okay with that. The best part of this little shopping trip? THEY FIT! In fact the dresses fit like a glove. The material was comfortable and there was plenty of room while still having structure! I bought one. I practiced self restraint and just bought one. This one. And the better part? I look better in it than the model! (Secret: More curves :) I highly recommend Shabby Apple. They have great return policy and pretty awesome customer service. What's not to love?
I'm entering this drawing too! I love their aprons :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday update

So according to the NY Times article that I just read... FOX is moving American Idol to Wednesday and Thursday nights. Not too big of a deal, because I dislike American Idol and I don't watch. A HUGE deal, because it's going to screw with my Thursday night schedule. Boo. My shows will no longer mesh so neatly.
Oh the frustration. This is because I blogged about this earlier isn't it. Universe!!! WHY?

Thursday Traditions

So. Em and I have this tradition going. Every Thursday we get together. My house or hers. Usually mine.
This day is important, because on this day... BONES is on. That's right. We watch TV. It's the only day of the week that I regularly turn on the TV. Also Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I really really like Grey's Anatomy, which I actually stopped watching for a few seasons and then started again last season. I also have gotten more invested in Private Practice recently. (I know being invested in a TV show is dumb, but hey. I don't criticize your Thursday nights.) P has started calling Private Practice "that rape show". Which, it kind of is. That's basically all they're about at the moment. Charlotte's rape. It's depressing and a good plot at the same time.
But the show that I absolutely love and I've followed it ever since it started is Bones. I love Emily Deschanel's portrayal of Temperance "Bones" Brennan. She's smart, independent, naive, and kicks butt all at the same time. Occasionally I get a little freaked out over how possible some of the crimes they investigate are. The Howard Epps storyline gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. The supporting cast is stellar. I can go on and on.
But I won't. Now you know. I love that show. I love Thursdays.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I totally forgot what I was going to blog about today. It may have been the best topic ever. You know. The kind that go viral. But it probably wasn't.
So, instead of a brilliant tirade about the moral and ethical (aren't those the same?) injustices of our society, I'm going to talk about this little 'ole blog you're reading.

The inspiration and the madness.

The inspiration was Em, and Anna, and Rachel, and P's professor, and PW ... and so many other funny webcomics.

And the madness? The madness is me.

Also, I have a bit of free time every morning at work. Combining with a growing need to write and express myself, and a free forum to give voice to that need and voila! You have my humble blog about stuff. I sort of see this as that box under my bed. The one filled with things I've loved and forgotten and dust. Every now and then I pull it out and reorganize it. But it always ends up in the same place. Safe under the bed.
I really like blogging. And I love seeing where all you wonderful readers are from. ALL OVER! It's so cool. My own little piece of the interweb's blogosphere.  I also love the feeling of validation I get from seeing the page views go up. It makes me laugh and smile. So thanks all you readers. Thanks for making my day a little brighter!
OH! I remembered. Maybe I'll blog about it tomorrow!

*update: My goal is to make the little world map ALL green. I'll let you know when that happens. It could be awhile. But if any of you are ever traveling ... check out my blog at least once please!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meal Plans

P and I have been trying to plan out in advance what we eat, because we spend too much on impulse food decisions. Mostly because of me. I honestly take the blame for Chili's Texas Cheese fries(hold the jalapenos), Carl's Jr Chili cheese fries, Cafe Zupas lobster bisque, and so many other absolutely delicious things that I'm not sure I can make at home. Nonetheless we have been trying the past few weeks to plan ahead and be prepared with foods we want to eat.
Next week is mostly planned out, except for lunches. I have the shopping list all ready, and I know what things I'm missing. Some things I'm looking forward to making are the traditional pot roast (I love crockpots!), Biscuits and sausage gravy, tostadas, risotto(we're going to try for the first time!), and of course Thanksgiving food. Mashed potatoes are quite possibly my favorite food. The roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe that Pioneer Woman has though... it's to die for. And it could quite conceivably kill you with the number of calories you're consuming. They're delectable. If I could I would just eat those every day. I love garlic. I love potatoes. I love cream cheese. I love cream. You can't go wrong here. But it's not a fast dish to make.
What are the dishes that you like making every week? What are the good old pantry standbys? What's cheap and tasty?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


One of my favorite show tunes is "Happiness" from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". It's the little things in life that remind me how to be happy. It's having more hot chocolate than I know what to do with. Organizing my house. Not having to clean. Staying in bed extra long on a cold day. Warming up my feet on P's. Playing with his curly, curly hair. Not having to do anything if I don't want to. Seeing the sun in the morning. Opening a package. Getting a letter in the mail. Being safe. Warm cookies. Babies laughing. Getting paid. Having more than enough.

Mostly I love laughing so hard I can't breathe. P does that to me sometimes. I laugh til I don't know why anymore. I love him.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spiritual Gifts

Just last week I was approached by a woman at church, who asked me if I would take a minute or two at the beginning of our meeting next week to talk about spiritual gifts. I told her I would, but to be honest, I wasn't sure what I was going to say. I had a few weeks though, so I just tucked it into the back of my mind to let it simmer. But because of this week at church, I now know what I want to talk about. Healing.

This week at church was normal. About a half hour away from the end of our meeting, a song lyric broke through to me. "When your soul was bowed with sorrow, balm of Gilead did you borrow?..."

Having recently finished a month filled with doctor's appointments for one thing or another, the mention of healing hit especially hard. I am blessed to have a very healthy body (though I don't maintain it the way I should) that recuperates quickly. Through the medical issues that I've had, my body has shielded me from pain and prolonged suffering. I am grateful for modern medicine and the procedures that ensure my continued health, but my emotions have been up and down and all over. Something that I really wish I could control.

But today I was reminded I have to let myself heal emotionally too. I have to give my faith and spirit, time and space to catch up with what my body does so easily. To regenerate and progress I have to have faith that the hard times will pass. I have to keep moving and growing. I have to be happy.
Besides, P hates it when I cry. So do I.
The good news is, that I am healing. Inside and out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Customer Care

Do companies really care about their customers any more? Yesterday I had an awful time with T-mobile. I made two calls during the day to their customer service, both of which were not super helpful. Basically I was told that I had to buy a new phone. And once I did that I might be able to remove the web data plan from my phone. I understand that they don't want to lose any income, but I was getting SO frustrated. You, as a customer service person, should be able to answer my hypothetical situations. HONESTLY! I got the run around both times. So I decided to just go into a store to buy the cheap phone ($50) and have them remove the web plan (hypothetically.)
I got to the store, and the guy very willingly (not) went and got me the model of phone I requested. As I explained to him what I needed, he quickly responded that all he could do was sell me the phone. I would need to call Customer Care to have them change the data plan. He seemed very emphatic and I was rather irritated, so I just bought the phone and headed home to call them again.
Once I got home, I got on the phone with yet another customer service person who adamantly told me that the store had to notify them directly to let the company know that I was legitimately buying a new model from their store. After I fussed for a minute (still politely you can ask Em) I asked her to call the store. She immediately agreed and so we did. After the representative at the store stonewalled her about his inability to apparently do ANYTHING, she got his name, manager number and dismissed him. Basically this whole ordeal could have been easily solved by someone who was competent. I just had to go into the store and call 3 times to find someone who was just that. Hopefully this whole mess will be done with soon. I'm really, really grateful for that guy being a douche on the phone with Treva (rational customer service!) just to prove that I'm not a crazy customer. She was really nice. If only all customer service people cared. Though I bet she didn't really. But that's okay. She did her job and made me feel taken care of. I hope I am.

What's the worst customer service you've encountered? On the phone? In person?
What's the best?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"that home is the place where people know your name and look forward to seeing you each morning, like Rasim or Murat in the lobby, or Audrey at the bakery, or Mike at the dry cleaner’s, even when there’s little more to the association than that. And Hazel in turn taught me: get off the laptop, get out into the neighborhood, feel what’s going on. It’s where the stories are."

Internet communities just can't make up for home.


So last night was weird. And really, really good. I'd had a slightly tiring day at work, but after work P and I were going to a work function for him. The physics and engineering departments have been sponsoring these Science Night Live! functions... at Keys on Main. Which for those of you who don't live in Salt Lake or drink... or know anything, is a dueling piano bar in downtown SLC. So off we went.
There was actually a relatively good crowd there for a talk on astrophysical (?) particles. My favorite part though were the little science toys that my hubband was talking about to the spectators. (If only this job paid more...) I played with my iPod touch for most of the actual talk, which basically said that they're shooting a steady beam of "sound" out into space and are trying to see what it encounters/bounces back. So I played my bubble game for about an hour after which we hung out for a little longer so P could finish answering questions about the cloud chamber (really cool!) and these little bio-dot things (Super AWESOME!). I meanwhile sat in a very comfortable corner and listened to the jazz/oldies that was being piped through the speakers.
I realized sitting there, that all of my love of performing and theatre, is boiled down to this: an audience, a piano, a beautiful melody, a story to tell, and a voice to tell it. All my life I've loved crooners. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, and so many more singers have been the soundtrack to my childhood and life. I love bass and alto for that warm, deep, comforting sound that lulls you into an easy seat. Why aren't there more dining clubs with singers? Old school clubs. Not techno dance clubs. Sit, drink, dine, and listen. We need more of this kind of entertainment.
And my secret wish I rediscovered last night was to sit on a stool in a slinky dress with a crowd of dimly lit strangers all talking quietly while I try to entertain them. Torch songs are my favorite kind of song. Slow, sad, full of longing, and love. I'm never going to actually do this. But you'd better believe that my children will know the classics.

What things do you remember from your life that you want to pass on to your children?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being Human

I just happened across this article about bullying and how one program is trying to alleviate it starting in grade school. Maybe we should just have more babies. Bigger families. Increased kindness. That being in a growing community (frequent births) promotes kindness certainly does provide a strong argument for having multiple children. Maybe being human isn't about id or introspection. Maybe it's about selflessness and service. Taking care of others. Parenting in its elemental form. Think about it. Be kinder.

Ice and other nonsense

So if you've been following my posts (as you ALL should be :) You know that I had my wisdom teeth removed. Last Friday. Today is Wednesday. It has only been 5 days. I go back in two days for a brief checkup. And this morning I wake up to feel swollen, achy and tired. In my jaw. Also, my stomach feels weird. And my shoulders are tight. And I'm really kind of whiny.
But the good news is that I have ice, lots of it. I have music (showtunes!) from the library! I actually ate yogurt for breakfast this morning. Which means I ate breakfast :) and I'm taking the pills I forgot to take yesterday. So the swelling should go down. Not that you could tell I'm swollen by just looking at me.
In other news P and I are thinking of selling our car. It wouldn't be for a whole lot, but the expenses that we would save would add up pretty quickly we think. On the downside it could be inconvenient. Oh no! Not inconvenient! I'm such an American. I know. Should we just sell it? Anyone want to buy our car?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just another Mellow Day

Mellowcreme pumpkins are one of my favorite candies. I can only eat about one per day. They have the consistency of plastic and disintegrate slowly as you suck/chew on them. I have no idea as to WHY I love this repulsive sweet. But just last weekend I bought two bags of them on sale for .29 per bag!!Which should be enough to last me through next Halloween.

In other news, this morning it was snowing again.

I really can't explain why this frustrates me as it's a week into November and qualifies as winter. Especially here in Utah. I mean it's not snowing in July. It's November. Maybe its that I've missed fall so much. Summer stretched especially long this year for me. And now it's winter. Somehow I missed fall. In Virginia it's impossible to miss fall. The vibrant reds and oranges are so prominent they make you stop and stare. Here... I missed it somehow.

How fast has your year gone? Mine is flying by. In the past year so many things have changed me. Big, HUGE changes. And in so many ways I'm the same.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's beginning to look...

It's snowing like crazy here. I'm not really ready for it. I'm wearing sandals today, because it was raining when I left for work. At least I've got a coat. Now I just want to go home and curl up in bed again. I really really wish apparating was possible right now. Just imagine never having to dress for the commute, just dressing for work. It would be lovely. Sandals and warm toes year round. Em is out in the snow right now, and I really don't envy her that. The days when there's weather makes me simultaneously love and hate public transportation. I don't have to drive, but I also have to wait for the bus or trax. Suck. and YAY! It really can't be winter yet. It's still August. Right?

Keeping in Touch

Okay, so I had an incredibly lazy weekend due to the fact that I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed early Friday morning. Unlike many of the horror stories I heard prior to this big event, my surgery went smoothly and quickly. I came out of anesthesia, and after waiting for Peter and just sitting for a bit, we walked the two blocks home. We went to the grocery store, and picked up the prescriptions along with a lot of soft foods. Yogurt, Pudding, Ice Cream, etc. Lots of good stuff.

For the rest of the day, P and I stayed curled up in bed. P worked on his prospectus (hopefully finished!!) and I played with my Ipod touch. It's an older model, but I wouldn't know the difference anyway. I played bubble shooter pretty much all weekend. In the car on the way to pumpkin blow (Awesome!), on the way home from Logan, and most of Sunday the iPod was never far from my hand. I've never owned a better time waster other than my poor deceased laptop. Something else I recently discovered is that I can also watch movies instantly with my Netflix account. Honestly... THE coolest idea ever. I really don't ever have an excuse to be bored now. Ever. It's been an easy weekend, when it possibly could have been awful. I'm so glad I've got my distractions.  I'm so glad for so many things.

I hope you're all having a good Monday out there. Be careful in the rain.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Healing Quickly

I seem to have a fairly easy time doing some things. Healing and recovery seem to be one of them. I'm so glad we've got modern medicine these days. Anesthesia really helps out when removing your wisdom teeth. And pudding. I love pudding.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fort Knox

I am a terrible food waster. I dislike eating most leftovers. I make too much food.

I do love to share food, as Em can attest. However, on the days that I don't have lots of people over to eat the food I make, I have to make little lunches for P to take to work. For that I'm glad I have Lock & Lock food storage containers. These little containers are perfect for us for lunches and leftovers. I've also found that I can put a few cups of milk in one and dry cereal in a ziploc bag and it makes a perfectly portable bowl of cereal! The best thing about these containers is that they are a Fort Knox for food. Nothing gets where it's not supposed to. I can toss one of these containers in my backpack, purse (if it's large enough), or just carry it, and I know that my food will end up where it's supposed to. Inside of me... or P.

What do you use to make meals portable?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slip into Sleep

Last night I had a headache. Not an awful crawl into your bed and want to die headache. Just an almost really bad, mostly irritating headache. P didn't make it home til around 9 by which time I was ready for sleep. I hadn't seen him all day, so we crawled into bed to snuggle. After about 10 minutes of talking I was struck by the desire to listen to She & Him. If you haven't heard of them, they're an extremely mellow duo. Vocals and Guitar are the basis of what they do, and they soothe my soul. I turned on my Ipod and told him to turn it off once I was asleep. Which took about 1/2 of a song. I honestly can't remember why I stopped listening to music to fall asleep. It's so much simpler than tossing and turning, to listen to a familiar voice to help me slip into sleep. It's the little things I'm grateful for.

What routines do you have to help you sleep? Do you have a routine?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More than a Touch Grateful

This month I'm going to try to blog about one thing per day that I have in my life that I'm super grateful for.
 I bought a lamp very similar to this one three years ago when I moved away from home for the first time.
14 Inch New Design Touch Lamp
This lamp is very feminine and gold and sweet. All things that are usually a no-go in decorating for me. However, this particular lamp is a touch lamp. As a kid my grandmother had one that I loved. There's such wonder in a lamp not having a switch and at lighting at the slightest touch. I saw it and I had to have it for my bedside table. It's a simple little lamp, and I love it. It reminds me of family and warm, safe places. The  Touch Lamp has calmed me down many times when I was home alone. Hopefully I can keep it safe and unbroken for many more years.

What token items/furniture/thing keeps you safe? What's the security blanket you're grateful for?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Thoughts and Fairy Dust

Here is a list of Ten Happy Things for your first day of the eleventh month of the last year of the first decade of the twenty second century. 


Happy 10 on November 1, 2010
  1. It was hard waking up this morning, but I endured and got out of bed to catch the bus before the sun was up. Now it is a beautiful, clear, crisp, SUNNY, autumn day. 
  2. I had to go to work. I have a great job, in a nice office, at a desk, where I get to blog sometimes. I also talk to Em pretty frequently, and I bother P all the time!
  3. I forgot to pack a lunch today, but I remembered to take my folic acid. I got to eat a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with cheesy, creamy, potato soup. (One of my favorite fall meals!) 
  4. Leftover Halloween Candy 
  5. I can listen to my favorite musicals ALL day long.
  6. My hubband loves me and answers the phone when I call almost every time.
  7. I no longer quite fit in my old pants, which makes me feel fat. Which means I can justify shopping for new pants! Or perhaps I can try sew myself some new ones!
  8. P and I didn’t do anything for Halloween.  We barely left the house. Except to go for a short walk.
  9. I got a new sewing machine last Thursday. I played with it all weekend. I fixed up the costumes P and I had last year. Then we didn’t wear them anywhere. What a luxury!
  10. In an hour and a half, after a very safe and quiet workday I’ll get to go home to my hubband.
It’s the beginning of the most thankful season of the year. It’s a time to be happy and rejoice in the bounty we already have. 

What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful for this music montage from (500) Days of Summer.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Itunes and me

Because I couldn't find what I wanted to hear on my Itunes, I am currently listening to the player on Em's blog. Which if you so desire may listen to here. I mainly go to listen to Neil Diamond serenade me with Sweet Caroline. (Which I love for an entirely different reason than you may think. And if you're in the mood for an overly emotional story, you may ask me about it.)

Anyway I'm in the process of rebuilding my music library after my laptop died on me. Two years ago. Right.

I've decided I just don't have enough oldies, folk music, and musicals in my life.

What are your suggestions? What artists, albums, and melodies tickle your eardrums?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today I'm Better

This post is, like all my posts, about me. (Which is Em backwards :)

So yesterday as I was getting ready to leave work, a few of my friends posted a link to a blog that looked interesting. "Single Dad Laughing" wrote a post about the self image issues that the media, the people around us, and we as women, give ourselves everyday. Women do not measure up to the standards that the public or the media hold them to. Women do not measure up, because the standard that is flying is a false flag. It is a false ideal. I've known many men and boys in my short life who were kind and generous in many ways. They were not overt in stopping and looking. But they did stop. They looked. I've never blamed any man for doing so, because I too have stopped and looked and wondered.

Magazines and media present women who are desperately unhappy from not eating normally, from living under a microscope, from having to pummel their bodies into submission and from not having stable, loving, families. Consciously I understand that the majority of their lives and bodies in reality are not healthy or ideal. As humans we all strive for love and affection. We see the adulation heaped upon celebrities for their diets, their bodies and their "fabulous" lifestyles. What we cannot see is the lack of faith, trust, love, reliable advice and comfort that so many of them lack. We can see the consequences of the lack of these things and wonder, what went wrong? I'm not talking about the exceptions. I'm talking about the Lindsey Lohans, the Robert Downey Jrs., the Coreys, the Tatum O'Neals, the Jodi Sweetins, the Olsen sisters, and so many others just like them. Some of them have gotten older and salvaged their lives. Others never got there.
So many of these people I watched grow up with me. They had so much more than I did, and SO much less.

I have had a wonderful home life. We never had more. We always had enough. We had love, friends, and family. There was always room for one more person at our dinner table. I was safe.
My mother taught me that I was smart and capable. She taught me to survive in a world that homogenizes anything that stands out and dares to be different. Because I am special. (My mom tells me so.)

I am extremely lucky in having a husband that does not stop and look at magazines or movies. He stops and looks at me. He loves me more than I understand. I am so grateful that to him I am beautiful. Because I am slowly learning that I am more than enough. I am more than beautiful. Having him in my life makes me realized, complete, and perfect. I still struggle with not being the best wife ever. I struggle with knowing that I'm not nice enough. I'm too sarcastic. I nag him. Everyone needs a spouse like mine.

Because of people like him, my mom and dad, and Em I know that I am more than enough.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grown Ups

Grown Up.

These words seem more alien to me the older I get. Am I done growing? The past tense certainly does imply that I’m supposed to be finished. Done. Complete.

Em has recently been struggling with some decisions that come with being "grown up". And the things that she's having issues with aren't things I feel like I can do now.
I can't move back in with my parents. I can't just drop everything and go back to school. I have bills to pay.

But the thing I struggle with is this:
I still feel like I’m 15 some days. I feel like I’m pretending to be a responsible, bill paying, house cleaning, meal cooking “grown up”.

When does it become real?

I’ve been working 8-5 or some version there of for a while now, paying my own bills, making my own mistakes, and cleaning up my own messes for a while now. It’s the usual. The everyday routine is reassuring and still SO strange. When did this happen to me?

I don't think I'm ever going to be grown up. So there!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friends and Fingers

Yesterday I had a few friends over for dinner. However, due to the fact that our kitchen is terminally, eternally messy... I decided that we were serving finger foods. I couldn't in good conscience have P wash all the dishes and then promptly turn the kitchen back into a disaster area. Thus the finger foods. No utensils. Paper plates, and plastic cups. So easy. Right!
And the delectable mess free menu... ? That would be mini egg rolls, Spinach and Feta ebelskivers, chips and salsa, rice balls (surprisingly easy!) and open face cucumber sandwiches!
I'm never sure if people will actually bring food, so I over plan and over feed. Em thinks it's a good trait. :)
I was relieved yesterday, that people actually brought snacks to share too! All in all I think it was a successful little get together.
I do love feeding people. I like making comfort food. Mashed potatoes are a huge one. Meatloaf. Chicken and Dumplings. Fried Chicken. Sauteed zucchini and yellow squash on rice. RICE!!! Soups. Warm foods. I'm so happy we're getting to the season of sharing food. It may be THE BEST time of the year. So much sharing! LOVE! Food is Love.
What foods comfort you? What do you love?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hidden Talents

I am a Broadway musical aficionado. I know more about some actors than is probably healthy. I know composers, show tunes out the wazoo, playwrights, locations, and occasionally some dates of when all these things happened. I am not 100% correct on all of them. Which is why I am a fan and not a historian. It's been a few years (more than I'd like to admit) since I've been an active theatre person and I have forgotten a lot of information along the way.

The other day I was flipping channels and got stuck on a crime procedural show because of a familiar face. I couldn't place his name and it was driving me nuts. Finally, two episodes later I looked it up on IMDB. The person: Mandy Patinkin. I was SO ashamed of my theatre loving self. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten his name. I used to obsess over his voice. And then my next question was, what is he doing on a show where he never sings? Of course, the answer is that he's making a living. This is his office job. I can think of a few other performers who also have "day jobs" in television where they never sing. Not a note. For example, Private Practice has both Audra McDonald and Taye Diggs. Both of them are non-musical physicians. Norbert Leo Butz recently did a stint on a short lived series called The Deep End as a lothario lawyer.
Eric Millegan was Zack Addy on Bones for many years and only sang once. For a beautiful minute.
And then there is GLEE. Glee is a flawed show that I enjoy so much. It's a showcase for show people, musical show people, to do what they do best. They sing. And occasionally they have episodes where I hate the content but the musical numbers are where the heart is. True love. And it's been an excellent showcase for so many traditional theatre people. Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Kristin Chenowith, Idina Menzel, and many others. I'm looking forward to Glee's producers getting a clue and remembering that even if you have a stellar cast, amazing song list, and huge budget, you still need a sturdy, interesting plot line. Not just themes.

But to come back to the original point, how many people do you know that work 9-5 at a job where their true talents never come into play? People live out their dreams somewhere other than work in America and that seems like a tragedy to me. I understand it though, as a secretary I enjoy my job and my coworkers, but I don't revel in the work.

Who do you know that really shines at something they do for a hobby?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Making up.

So a few months ago Em asked me a question. “How do you NOT nag P?”

Now, my sweet hubband and I have only been married for a little over 6 months, and this is an issue that I struggle with all the time. (Note: This is not something that he struggles with, he merely endures it.) I, as a middle child with 7 siblings, am used to nagging. To nag is to make sure whatever it is gets done. Otherwise you would have to do whatever it is yourself. And unfortunately I am not capable of doing the things that P needs to do. (Unlike the things I bother my siblings about…)

Some of these things include papers that need to be written (in a MAJOR way), classes that need to be prepared, clothes that need folded, research that needs to be finished, and waking up so he isn’t late for work.. I’m not saying that my husband is irresponsible or unreliable. I’m not. I’m saying that P has a nasty, awful habit of procrastinating until the last possible moment.

So, how do I deal with this? I nag sometimes.
Some of the time I try to be a respectful adult and remember that he’s an adult and knows that there are some pretty hefty consequences if he doesn’t complete the task.
And the rest of the time (especially when it’s a task for me) I give him a deadline when I ask him to do the task in the first place. (This one works the best. Sometimes.)
And some of the time I remind him that I’m not cuddling with him until he’s done.
(This is a failsafe.)

Mostly though, I just try to stay busy myself. That way P doesn’t have anyone to get distracted by in our tiny apartment.

But to be honest. I do nag P.

The amazing thing is just how long he can take it before he's irritated. Really, truly, amazing.

Hubband? I love you. Sorry about the nagging yesterday. I’ll make it up to you with treats today. Okay?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking Beyond Today

Yesterday was.

I have a hard time sometimes.

There was some a-MAAAAZ-ing TV. Bones.

Em was.

And delectable homemade egg rolls, cream cheese wontons, egg drop soup, and rice.

Clean underwear. (VERY important. Didn’t your mother tell you?)

Some good soul scrubbing crying happened. (Hubband would disagree with me.)

Now I need a hobby, a goal to achieve, drive, ambition… for something.

To challenge myself and grow

Tomorrow we’ll BE!

Today too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Worth Living For

I've had a rough time with dresses in my lifetime. As a very curvy woman, dresses just don't fit me the way they should. I've found that I need lots of room and plenty of structure. Things that don't always go together in a dress. And so I wear cute tops and skirts. I haven't found a dress that I truly love ... ever.
Em brought me a dress the other day, that I love the styling of. It has a really pretty print, and a beautiful FULL skirt. I adore full skirts. I probably should have been a mom in the 50's. Unfortunately there's a zipper problem. It doesn't go all the way up. Malfunction of the zipper. NOT me :)

And then in perusing the many blogs that I do, over at 's feature of the day reviewing Shabby Apple really caught my eye. So I headed over to their site. And this list of dresses  made my heart jump! I can actually see myself wearing these. Comfortably!!! Next paycheck I am SO treating myself to a new dress.

In other news, in order to fit into that dress I should probably limit how often I make this divine creation Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. I'm fairly sure I gained 10 pounds overnight eating those straight out of the pot last night. yum. 

What helps your world go round?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've recently discovered that people will only look at things if they're interesting!!! Which means that I need to decide if I'm blogging for my own benefit or for my reader's benefit. Which, looking at my statistics, and being a new blogger, are very few readers. What a cycle! Really it's just a bit ridiculous. I think about the websites that I visit regularly, and honestly ... I prefer them to have something new to look at every few minutes!  As a blogger, I would have to spend all day every day online in order to keep it updated with that kind of regularity. Which I understand that some people do in fact do just that. I don't think I could. Besides, with all that blogging, when exactly would you have time to actually do anything with your life? I mean, you do need something to blog about right? So, I am going to try blogging every few days (at least once a week) about something interesting that Em and I or possibly hubband and I have done. Which means I need to do interesting things! Any suggestions? Anyone? Buehler.... Buehler?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Moving forward with Joy

Things change so quickly. Time is the ultimate ninja. Sneaking in and spiriting away all the things you thought you had nailed down. Darn that ninja and his silent hammer!

It’s at times like these that I’m grateful for routine and tradition. These are the things and habits that keep me grounded. Things like going to work every morning at the same time, coming home by 5:30, making dinner or going out to eat with my wonderful hubband, playing with friends, and even those pesky chores. All of these keep me sane and moving forward in a life that sometimes feels like it has come to a standstill. And I am grateful. So thankful for the life I am blessed to be living.

“The healthiest response to life is joy.” ~Deepak Chopra

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There’s something that I’ve been wanting for awhile now. A BED! That’s right. A real grownup bed, but having made do most of my life I figured it could wait. P and I have been doing just fine without a grownup bed, but we went to IKEA the other day… IKEA is a death knell for our budget. Always. We can’t seem to leave without holding one or two items that would be “So PERFECT!” I really have to learn to control my need/want urges. The big problem is that IKEA is something that P loves too. So… instead of just browsing, we bought a mattress. A king size one that we have a “need” for. It was SUCH a good deal. (We saved $150!) It cost $200. We brought it home in our tiny old Toyota. (A miracle I’m pretty sure.) We saved another $60.
And now that we have it at home we need a bed frame. 

From IKEA.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Bounty of the Earth

It has come time to let you know just what vegetables I like, and the few that I love. Some of you may argue with a couple of my choices, but I have included them here, because in my head that’s what they are.

One: Onions. I adore onions. Except for the extremely sharp ones you know… the ones that NO ONE can eat. But other than those, I love onions chopped, sliced, and raw or sautéed. Delicious!

Two: Potatoes. I can eat a potato in almost any form. Mashed are the best, hands down. Of course really good steak fries run them a close second. Not to mention yummy, creamy potato salads, breakfast potatoes, funeral potatoes, pretty much anyway you slice‘em and dice’em I’ll eat’em.

Three: Garlic. I can eat garlic on anything. The prepackaged ground kind, the fresh chopped garlic, or the absolutely divine whole sautéed clove. Mmmmmm. Perhaps one of the best things that I’ve eaten in the last three months… Goat Cheese Risotto with Garlic Cloves. (A whole head of garlic!)

Four: Corn. I like creamed corn, sweet corn, corn on the cob, corn mixed in casseroles...yup. SO good and yellow!

Five: Broccoli and Carrots. I know there are two vegetables listed here, but I like them the same way for the main part. Fresh with a side of Ranch for dipping. Broccoli can also be made into soup (creamy and delicious!) or sautéed and steamed (thanks Rach!) and be SO good. Carrots I also love cooked with a delicious crock pot roast.

Six: Yellow Squash and Zucchini. Another Duo! I hardly ever eat one without the other unless I’m making Zucchini Brownies, which I hardly ever go to the effort to do. My favorite way to prepare this beautiful yellow and green duo is to slice them into little circles, sauté them with some onions until they caramelize and serve it over some slightly sticky rice. Summer goodness! Just ask Em. She’ll tell you just how good it is!

Seven: Cabbage. I’ve eaten this in many foods due to my parent’s excellent imaginative cooking, but my favorite is my dad’s Corned Beef and Cabbage. Not exactly healthy, but an excellent use of cabbage!

Eight: Cucumber. There is only ONE way I will eat this item. And that is on an open face Cucumber sandwich. That’s right, a thin slice of cucumber on a slice of French baguette with a dollop of ranch. Light and refreshing! (Again just ask Em!!)

Nine: Artichokes. Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Do I really need to say more?  

Ten: Spinach. A fresh spinach salad. Also see above. And spinach dips. It’s so versatile! It’s also SUCH a pretty color!

And the only thing better than shopping at the local farmer's market with friends might be the satisfaction of growing a vegetable yourself. If only I liked weeding.

There are other veggies that I eat out there…and also fruits! Perhaps I’ll dedicate a post to those later.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Seeing things in a new light

Okay, so…. Due to the fact that I now have medical insurance (including vision and dental) I was able to replace my glasses. Glasses that I snapped in half on the day of my interview for my present employment and that I’ve had for four years. After numerous queries to my oh-so helpful Em about insurance, and where to buy glasses… I bought some fairly expensive ones that look 75% just like my old glasses. How do you know they’re expensive??? Well they’re Armani Exchange. What exactly does that mean? That means that these glasses have a little A/X logo on the stem/earpiece. And yes. They look almost exactly like my walmart glasses. I like them well enough. I’m just glad I don’t have to wear contacts everyday anymore. In other news, the job is going very well. I’ve assimilated fairly seamlessly into the work environment, and I enjoy the small tasks that I’m assigned to do every day. It is a mostly autonomous position in a central location in the office. I can see out through our office door and watch people as the enter and exit the building. I work with 9 other people, with a very generous mix of types. As Annie would say, “I think I’m gonna like it here!”

Thursday, July 22, 2010

THE last day

Today is a momentous day. It is my last day working for PTC. I've been with them for a couple of years now, thinking that it would be temporary until I moved back to VA. Alas, I'm now an official resident of UT so I finally conceded that I should be an adult, i.e. responsible, paying off debt, getting insurance.
And so long story short, after a six month job search I am going to be working in the Graduate Medical Education office. A mouthful, I know.
I'm excited and slightly sad. I love the feeling of progress and moving forward. Also eliminating debt in half the time = VERY exciting. I don't think it will set in until Monday or Tuesday that I'm really never working here in this capacity again. We'll see.
In celebration when I found out about the job offer (!!!) on Monday Em, P, and I all went out to dinner in celebration of my career transition into adulthood, and MAN was it delicious! Now I just have to work on conserving, saving, and spending wisely. All things I have issues with. We're just not friends.
On the up side, I now have a very good reason to go shoe shopping! And business wear...
I can see already that this may go poorly but at least it will be fun!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The First of Many

I'm still not really sure what exactly I'm going to be writing about here. Mostly there will be bits of information about my life, random thoughts on the world, and Em (occasionally). Hopefully I'll be more consistent than in the past, but maybe not.
On today's ride to work, there was a moment where I just didn't want to get off the bus. I could just keep going in circles. And that sounded so appealing. Then I got off of the bus and continued on to work. I'm a creature of habit due to years of being told that's what you're supposed to do. I suppose life has to have repetition... I mean... breathing, heartbeats, etc: repetition! But a change in pace is nice too. Hopefully I can document a bit of both here, without becoming endlessly self-centered and boring.
On the other hand, isn't blogging all about being self-centered?
You be the judge on how it turns out.
PS I'm glad you're coming along on BriannEm's Grand Adventures (occasionally).