Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just another Mellow Day

Mellowcreme pumpkins are one of my favorite candies. I can only eat about one per day. They have the consistency of plastic and disintegrate slowly as you suck/chew on them. I have no idea as to WHY I love this repulsive sweet. But just last weekend I bought two bags of them on sale for .29 per bag!!Which should be enough to last me through next Halloween.

In other news, this morning it was snowing again.

I really can't explain why this frustrates me as it's a week into November and qualifies as winter. Especially here in Utah. I mean it's not snowing in July. It's November. Maybe its that I've missed fall so much. Summer stretched especially long this year for me. And now it's winter. Somehow I missed fall. In Virginia it's impossible to miss fall. The vibrant reds and oranges are so prominent they make you stop and stare. Here... I missed it somehow.

How fast has your year gone? Mine is flying by. In the past year so many things have changed me. Big, HUGE changes. And in so many ways I'm the same.

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