Monday, November 29, 2010


After the delicious extended weekend topped off yesterday with LOTS and lots of snow...

P and I watched Food Inc yesterday. I know that it's supposed to be shocking and full of new information. It's supposed to change the way you feel about food. Or rather the food industry. But to tell you the truth, the movie didn't really show me anything new. It didn't show me any way to fix the problem. It showed me the problems I already knew about. I know about the giant corporations, and the processed foods made of basically two ingredients... I know about the evils of the farming world and manufacturing plants. I've heard all this before, and I've seen it. The packaging was a bit more compelling, as film almost always is...but to tell you the truth, I feel the same as I did before. I buy the food I do, because it's what I can afford. Recently that's gotten better. I'm buying more raw foods. I'm buying ingredients. But I can't afford organic. I recognize the issue. I vote with my dollar. I wish I could grow a really SMALL garden. Something manageable. I wish I could live in the country AND the city. I wish I had time to save the world and support my family. Wishes and fishes. Unfortunately not much has or will change.
It was a good movie though.

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