Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So, as I predicted tuesday morning, I got to leave work early due the the "blizzard" hitting the Northwest. By the time it actually reached Salt Lake, it really wasn't more than a winter storm. A heavy one that really impacted driving if you were on the road... But I stayed holed up in my little apartment with P. I got home from work about 2:30, pestered my sweet hubband for about 2 hours, made tostadas for dinner (So easy!) in defiance of the cold weather we're experiencing, and then crawled into bed and watched it snow for the rest of the night. It was a magical evening. Mostly because it never seemed like an emergency. I love the fact that because we were all so prepared for a blizzard, the winter storm seemed like nothing. If you prepare for the worst you can easily handle the speed bumps, right? As I prepare to drive down to Utah County, and then up to Kamas for the holidays, I have to remind myself that we're not going to die driving in the snow. Really.

Right now outside my office it looks like a snow globe. I can't tell if it's wind or actually snowing, but it's really pretty. As long as it doesn't actually turn into a blizzard...

PS: I hope all of you have wonderful holiday plans. I might stop by to blog a bit more, but I haven't decided yet. Oh, and be sure to eat too much! It's the only time of the year it's really socially acceptable.

PPS: I made it to $1.00!!! So, as promised I'll be holding a little contest. Whoever can find the coolest item on Amazon  for under a dollar wins. Leave a comment with a link to the item and you'll be entered to win! I'll accept comments through to Wednesday at midnight.


  1. How about a set of Victorian children's stickers? That's kind of fun! And free shipping if you have Prime! lol! (Amanda Nowlin at hotmail dot com)

  2. Of course Manda would find the coolest one. She's a pro at this internet deal thing... Anyway, I found one that I love, and one that I think you'll love. I guess this is a 'you choose the entry' thing...

    I pick the 'Leonard Cohen is my Hero' button pin. (He wrote the song 'Hallelujah')

    and for you, I pick the the best gift for any vintage game lover who is accident prone!


  4. And just for more funsies...(A Christmas Carol)