Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TV Habits

Peter and I are in the habit of watching series together... How bad is it? Pretty bad.
We're in the middle of season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
We've seen ALL of the Bones episodes together. Not to mention owning all of them!
We watched a couple of seasons of Black Adder.
And of course we watched Firefly and Serenity together. 
Really though I'm a huge fan of all kinds of media. Art, television, books, newsprint, magazines, movies, live shows, and internet stuff. I will consume ALL of it with enough time.
Thankfully I do have other responsibilities and social activities to take me away from the mind suck that is today's media.
I've learned to be more selective.
Although I love Criminal Minds, I can't watch it on a regular basis due to the psychological effect it has on me.
I really liked House for a while, but then it took a very negative/convoluted turn... so I stopped.
I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance (Peter doesn't. Imagine that.) but since I lost my watching buddy (Em, why oh why did you have to leave me??) I haven't been a consistent watcher. I'll catch up, but I'm also not as invested. Except in Melanie. I really like that girl.
I've been seeing other nerdy TV shows that I want to watch, but how do you choose? What shows do you invest your precious time in? What do you do while you're watching TV? Or do you just watch?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I had an impromptu art session with my sister last night... and while she at least covered her whole canvas, I didn't even get that far.
I have the beginning of a picture. I have a lot of blank canvas left. And while I don't know what to put in the rest of the available space, I know it's not done. It's got some dark green, some black... a bit of silver and a bit of gold... all surrounding this big blank spot. I know I'll think of what should go there, but for now I'm content letting it rest unfinished I suppose.

Along with not having my house put together.
Or anything decorated.
Or ever actually buying furniture to sit on in my living room.

I'm okay with letting it lie until I'm ready.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staying up too late

How is it that your body knows so easily when it is out of balance, even though your mind insists that you're fine. I stayed up too late last night. Way too late.
And my body is punishing me for my insolence. I'll have to pay my penance by retiring early tonight.

Summer moves all too quickly as an adult. I can see the summer days passing, but I'm missing out on so many of them while I'm here in the office working. While making ends meet, I think we humans really miss the beauty of life. What it means to be alive. We miss sunrises and sunsets and are "productive" in the hours between all in the name of stuff.
Stuff that I dearly appreciate, but sometimes I think I appreciate it a bit too much. Other time's I'm really glad I can buy these sandals... and this dress (in black of course)!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life has been.

Absolutely crazy.
I keep forgetting to post due to holidays and a massive amount of to-dos at work.
Things are still going pretty well. everyone has made it through the madness with their limbs intact so far as I can tell.

I hope everyone has/is having an excellent summer. I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend. It would have been better if I could have been a hermit. Alack alas... family things called. And we answered. A national holiday and two birthdays worth of events, but we got through it!

Peter's older now. Ta-Da!

I'm not really ready for the year to be half over, but July seems to be on it's way out already! Time is certainly not slowing down any for me. I suppose I'll just have to adjust.