Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Money Managing

So you know those months where unexpected expenditures crop up right and left?
I'm in one of those months. And it's one more week until we get paid again. It's not that we're exactly struggling with it, but it's still unexpected. They were fun/necessary/good things to pay for, but it doesn't leave my bank acct looking quite so happy.
Lots of things in life aren't free. I know that. And I'm used to it. I just have to remind myself occasionally of what things I'm really glad I have the ability to facilitate.
Things like paying rent and all my other bills.
Helping my mom come visit my sister and her new baby.
Getting friends together to reminisce over old times.
 Buying a new couch. Maybe.

And because of the other things I'm doing with my monies, I'm debating that last item. Not "if" I should buy it, but when should I buy it? I've put it off due to lack of a place to put it, but now that I have room for it, I'm not sure we're in the best place financially to get it. We could wait for a few more paychecks, but I have a feeling the rate of use of our living room would significantly decrease. I'm not sure that's really a problem though. Only if we have visitors over.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I do know this. We'll manage.

Oh and do I get this one? or this one? or this one?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I dunno

I keep waiting for something interesting to happen on the internet... something along the lines of that scene in "The Incredibles" where the little neighbor kid exclaims, "Something Amazing, I guess!"
I keep on waiting.

In other news, I'm starting to look for a new job. Yup. That's right. I'm going to try find something a bit more flexible... leaning back towards shift work after a very long stint in the regular 8-5 work zone. Though honestly the longer I'm in the work force, the more I realize that I really dislike traditional jobs. I just don't last very long before I'm bored or frustrated with others around me.
Life and bills require that I work. Mostly because I don't want to live with family. Living with other people is always cheaper it seems, but it is definitely emotionally harder. So if I want to keep on living the way I am (independently) then I have to work. I refuse however to be unhappy in my employment. I'll find something that works well for me and keeps me emotionally stable and sane. So watch out for updates on the job hunt!
I hope the new school year is treating everyone else really well. So far for me it's made the public transit in the morning very unreliable. Yay.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turning into Fall

I'm gradually noticing the shorter days and the cooler nights.
But more importantly, you know fall is here because school is starting again. There are new students everywhere. Most people look a bit lost. The walkways and buses are getting crowded again. Summer is almost over and I hardly feel like it began this year. It's been a busy season with work and play overlapping at every possible chance it seems. We're halfway through August and all of a sudden there's only 4 months left in the year. Months that will probably fly by. There's at least one major holiday each month and we all know that holiday weekends really help the time fly by too quickly.
I'm looking forward to establishing a new routine and hopefully getting out a bit more to enjoy the fall weather before it turns really cold.

Monday, August 15, 2011


So I believe it's going to work this time! What a lovely surprise.
After a few weeks of intermittent posting due to technical glitches and a week of being violently congested I'm back.
And of course as soon as I got back to work last week, my computer developed another virus. Or 70. Apparently the old virus program wasn't working so well. But now, with my sparklingly clean hard drive and updated systems, apparently Blogger has decided to work for me as well. I just hope this serendipitous moment lasts.
So quick update: The house is still a mess, but we're slowly getting the pantry in order. Pictures will come later I swear! Just a few more weeks and I'll have a living room! And hopefully a new nephew.
 But more importantly I'll be able to get a couch and finish decorating my living room. :)
School is about to start up again in a week or two, so I have to prepare myself to lose dear hubbin to an onslaught of PhD schoolwork. On my end work is actually calming down so that will be a nice break. I really need to get on the ball with projects and keeping up with housework. I have two aprons to sew, a few paintings to finish, pictures to hang, and a few more rooms to finish organizing. On the upside, I've had a very relaxing and lazy summer.
I hope that as we get ready for summer to end I can transition as gracefully into fall as summer did...