Monday, August 15, 2011


So I believe it's going to work this time! What a lovely surprise.
After a few weeks of intermittent posting due to technical glitches and a week of being violently congested I'm back.
And of course as soon as I got back to work last week, my computer developed another virus. Or 70. Apparently the old virus program wasn't working so well. But now, with my sparklingly clean hard drive and updated systems, apparently Blogger has decided to work for me as well. I just hope this serendipitous moment lasts.
So quick update: The house is still a mess, but we're slowly getting the pantry in order. Pictures will come later I swear! Just a few more weeks and I'll have a living room! And hopefully a new nephew.
 But more importantly I'll be able to get a couch and finish decorating my living room. :)
School is about to start up again in a week or two, so I have to prepare myself to lose dear hubbin to an onslaught of PhD schoolwork. On my end work is actually calming down so that will be a nice break. I really need to get on the ball with projects and keeping up with housework. I have two aprons to sew, a few paintings to finish, pictures to hang, and a few more rooms to finish organizing. On the upside, I've had a very relaxing and lazy summer.
I hope that as we get ready for summer to end I can transition as gracefully into fall as summer did...

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