Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Money Managing

So you know those months where unexpected expenditures crop up right and left?
I'm in one of those months. And it's one more week until we get paid again. It's not that we're exactly struggling with it, but it's still unexpected. They were fun/necessary/good things to pay for, but it doesn't leave my bank acct looking quite so happy.
Lots of things in life aren't free. I know that. And I'm used to it. I just have to remind myself occasionally of what things I'm really glad I have the ability to facilitate.
Things like paying rent and all my other bills.
Helping my mom come visit my sister and her new baby.
Getting friends together to reminisce over old times.
 Buying a new couch. Maybe.

And because of the other things I'm doing with my monies, I'm debating that last item. Not "if" I should buy it, but when should I buy it? I've put it off due to lack of a place to put it, but now that I have room for it, I'm not sure we're in the best place financially to get it. We could wait for a few more paychecks, but I have a feeling the rate of use of our living room would significantly decrease. I'm not sure that's really a problem though. Only if we have visitors over.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I do know this. We'll manage.

Oh and do I get this one? or this one? or this one?


  1. I vote for either of the two larger couches. More bum room!

  2. Those are all nice! And we had one of those months in August. Seriously. School registration, etc. Killer.