Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Baby Cage

So when our son was born, we were given a pack'n'play.
We were  cosleeping so we didn't have a crib.
Now at 6 months (as of yesterday!) he's SO close to mobile. I need to get him out of our bed. And I need a place to contain him while I'm working. He really doesn't like the play pen, and neither do I. I think he doesn't like it because it's uncomfortable and confining. I don't like it, because the sides are too tall for me to comfortably lean over.
My Solution? To build a custom baby cage. Here's what you need.
Sturdy fabric for the corners

Netting (I used Nylon)
PVC pipes and corners
8 corners like this!
Quilt binding for easy finished edge
Here's my measurements. But you can obviously adapt this to whatever size you need.
PVC Pipe
Four - 42" pipes
Four - 30" pipes
Four - 18" pipes
8 corners
I used 1/2" piping, but feel free to use whatever size you want.
Use two separate pieces of fabric and pin the "sleeve" around the pipe to make sure it will fit.
 Make sure when you're cutting your sleeve fabric to leave at least an inch on both sides.

Like so.
Sew two relatively straight lines.

Fold in both edges of the sleeve to create a more finished edge.

I sewed two lines to hopefully reinforce it a bit.
 Ironing at this point might make it easier. Then fold over the edge of the netting and insert it into the side of your sleeve. Don't iron the netting. Just sayin'.
Try to make it so the netting is firm. I recommend testing out each side on the frame as you go along.
Once you have the netting sewed on, use the bias tape to create a nice finished edge for the netting.

To help create firm sides I made loops to secure the netting to the top and the bottom of the frame.

 I pinned them like this to make sure that they would fit around the piping.
Once you've put everything together...(if you want more instructions, just ask)
Choose some type of firm but comfy bottom for your baby cage. I bought a large piece of foam and draped a bed sheet over it.

Insert baby and VOILA!

 I like it because of a number of reasons. It's easier to get him in and out of his baby cage. Because it's just foam on the floor I can get in there with him to put him to sleep if necessary. I can take it apart easily. I can move it SUPER easily. It's very lightweight. It was relatively cheap.
The pipes and corners were just under $20 at Lowe's and with a little persuasion the gentleman cut them down for me to the exact sizes I needed
The fabric I bought at JoAnn's for around $30. I did buy at least a yard extra of each, just in case I screwed up. (good thing, because I did.)
I bought the foam pad at Smith's for $20. It was too long so I cut off about two feet of it. So now I have enough foam for some other project.
So all told I spent around $70 and 8-12 hours on it.

But best of all, my son tolerates being in it much better than the pack ' n' play. I think it's more comfortable and he likes that he can see me better. I think. Anyway it's tall enough that this should work until well after he's two. I do recommend placing it in a corner/between large heavy furniture so there's no chance of your child flipping the frame over and escaping. Or if you want it to be freestanding you could fill the bottom pipes with something heavy and seal them before assembling.
Do what you want. I did this over the course of one day (sewing).
So it's a fairly simple design with lots of straight lines. I definitely consider myself a beginning seamstress, FYI.

 And that's how you make a homemade baby cage.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New places for posting

Instagram: Theturnipmiss

I'm posting in both of these places more regularly, because it's faster.

The need to DO

In the last couple weeks spring has really settled in. I can tell because I'm feeling the need to accomplish something productive. So I've started two things.
A: I started an application to go to Grad School at the University of Utah. Possibly in Entertainment Arts... which translates over to animation in videogames.
B: I launched a Kickstarter project. (BACK IT!!!)

Both of these might not pan out. Or they could both work out. And then I'd be insanely busy and wonder what on earth was I thinking?
All the meanwhile, my son is getting bigger and bigger. It's really amazing how fast they grow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A lot can happen...

I had a baby.

On January 28,2012 I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. And I love him. He's growing faster than I can comprehend. I haven't mentioned it before because of two reasons.
a. I miscarried previously so I'm a little gunshy about big announcements.
b. I do believe that my son should get to make his own digital persona one day.

I don't really know how to separate him from who I am now as a person. Like his father before him, he has completely changed who I am. I'm still trying to figure out where all the boundaries of sharing are going to be for me. I know that this learning process of being a new mom is very much about me, but it will always also be about him now. So bear with me as I try to figure this out.
I'm pretty sure he's doubled in size since we took this VERY goofy looking photo.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happenings and Whatnots

I am entering the doldrums, I do believe...
I've recently reached a moment of completeness in the tasks I set for myself. And after a brief period of satisfaction, I find that I'm becoming bored. So, I'm going to have to find something else to keep me occupied. Maybe some arts and crafts... some regular cleaning and chores...a bit of TV watching... maybe some really good (complicated) meal planning...Maybe none of that. I'm just not sure what I want to do at the moment.
It's a nice problem to have.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Holidays

The last few months have been... eventful. The combination of holidays and other life changing events made the time move right along. I also stopped reading blogs at work, which really put a dent in my writing time as well. Anyway, Christmas has finally come and gone. And I have lots of fun new things to use and find storage space for and enjoy. I've been very blessed and healthy this year. Things have occasionally been rough, but overall life is good. I am VERY lucky and I'm incredibly grateful for the life I've been able to make for myself. I hope that this next year is as generous in it's bounty...
I hope you've all had wonderful holidays and a great end to 2011.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I’m very slowly getting better at the waiting game. I just have to remind myself that eventually it will all pan out the way it’s supposed to happen. Right?
It is the way it is. Therefore that’s the way it should be. Until I change it. And then THAT’s the way it should be.
“It will be fine.”  That little phrase is my mantra… or my motto. I’m not sure which. I just know that it makes me feel better and calms me down when I start to freak out about possible negative outcomes. And as my husband will surely vouch, anything that calms me down is a good thing. I’ve been waiting to hear back on an interview I had last week. But in the mean time I’ve set up two more appointments this week for some other positions that look pretty good. I find that moving forward really helps me stay in a positive frame of mind. That and keeping busy at home.
So I’ve been working on making sure the little chores get done. Y’know, washing the dishes right after you use them… straightening up the room on the way out of it (our bedroom doesn’t ever seem to benefit here)…picking up little pieces of trash… putting away craft supplies when I’m done. I’ve been doing pretty well. I also went out the other day on my back porch and as I was standing there enjoying the sunshine I noticed that my mint plant (that I thought had completely died) actually had tiny little buds. It’s apparently been warm enough to be growing! 
My sister is coming to visit this week. J I’m hoping to have a few other friends over…. And maybe carve some pumpkins…I think that’s all I’ve got for now. What are you planning on for this week?