Monday, October 24, 2011


I’m very slowly getting better at the waiting game. I just have to remind myself that eventually it will all pan out the way it’s supposed to happen. Right?
It is the way it is. Therefore that’s the way it should be. Until I change it. And then THAT’s the way it should be.
“It will be fine.”  That little phrase is my mantra… or my motto. I’m not sure which. I just know that it makes me feel better and calms me down when I start to freak out about possible negative outcomes. And as my husband will surely vouch, anything that calms me down is a good thing. I’ve been waiting to hear back on an interview I had last week. But in the mean time I’ve set up two more appointments this week for some other positions that look pretty good. I find that moving forward really helps me stay in a positive frame of mind. That and keeping busy at home.
So I’ve been working on making sure the little chores get done. Y’know, washing the dishes right after you use them… straightening up the room on the way out of it (our bedroom doesn’t ever seem to benefit here)…picking up little pieces of trash… putting away craft supplies when I’m done. I’ve been doing pretty well. I also went out the other day on my back porch and as I was standing there enjoying the sunshine I noticed that my mint plant (that I thought had completely died) actually had tiny little buds. It’s apparently been warm enough to be growing! 
My sister is coming to visit this week. J I’m hoping to have a few other friends over…. And maybe carve some pumpkins…I think that’s all I’ve got for now. What are you planning on for this week?

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  1. Things usually do turn out fine. Strange, but true.

    I am working at avoiding stress when I have teenagers and a husband to tend to, on top of my job as a special ed teacher, my calling as a stake leader, and my own personal life that sometimes actually needs my attention.