Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staying up too late

How is it that your body knows so easily when it is out of balance, even though your mind insists that you're fine. I stayed up too late last night. Way too late.
And my body is punishing me for my insolence. I'll have to pay my penance by retiring early tonight.

Summer moves all too quickly as an adult. I can see the summer days passing, but I'm missing out on so many of them while I'm here in the office working. While making ends meet, I think we humans really miss the beauty of life. What it means to be alive. We miss sunrises and sunsets and are "productive" in the hours between all in the name of stuff.
Stuff that I dearly appreciate, but sometimes I think I appreciate it a bit too much. Other time's I'm really glad I can buy these sandals... and this dress (in black of course)!

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