Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fort Knox

I am a terrible food waster. I dislike eating most leftovers. I make too much food.

I do love to share food, as Em can attest. However, on the days that I don't have lots of people over to eat the food I make, I have to make little lunches for P to take to work. For that I'm glad I have Lock & Lock food storage containers. These little containers are perfect for us for lunches and leftovers. I've also found that I can put a few cups of milk in one and dry cereal in a ziploc bag and it makes a perfectly portable bowl of cereal! The best thing about these containers is that they are a Fort Knox for food. Nothing gets where it's not supposed to. I can toss one of these containers in my backpack, purse (if it's large enough), or just carry it, and I know that my food will end up where it's supposed to. Inside of me... or P.

What do you use to make meals portable?

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