Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't get fat.

This is my goal for today. To not eat to the point where I'm in pain. I can eat slowly over a long period of time and stuff myself, that's just tradition. This year I want to slow it down and enjoy it!
On another subject entirely, I was thinking last night about where my family has lived and I realized something strange. We lived in Texas... and then Utah... and then Virginia. Mom? Dad? The next place you live can only be Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, or (DC) or West Virginia. OK? It's important that we preserve the alphabetical continuity of your home state. (Let's just forget I was born in Hawaii)
Today we're headed off on a little trip to the different families, so I may not be back for a few days. Then again, I may have so much free time that I blog lots and lots!!!
I'm wishing I could see everyone today. This is the longest I've been without Em... since I got married!!!  Ack!!
I really don't think you should move home m'dear.
Anyway....Oh! The contest. Because I had so few entries, I've decided you ALL win!!! Keely and Manda... I think I'm going to send your prizes home with Bryan if I can, because I'm cheap. Stef, I'll bring you yours.
And what is your prize? You can either request your favorite candy bar... OR you may let me pick you out something AWESOME from the dollar store. Its up to you. Just let me know!
Everyone else that read, and didn't compete... Why? See how nice and generous I am? You could have won too. :( Thanks for reading though! I love watching that little meter just go up!
Happy turkey weekend everyone. I hope you all have four or five day weekends!

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  1. I would like to see what you can find me at the dollar store. :) Crap I'm going to become a hoarder.