Friday, November 12, 2010

Customer Care

Do companies really care about their customers any more? Yesterday I had an awful time with T-mobile. I made two calls during the day to their customer service, both of which were not super helpful. Basically I was told that I had to buy a new phone. And once I did that I might be able to remove the web data plan from my phone. I understand that they don't want to lose any income, but I was getting SO frustrated. You, as a customer service person, should be able to answer my hypothetical situations. HONESTLY! I got the run around both times. So I decided to just go into a store to buy the cheap phone ($50) and have them remove the web plan (hypothetically.)
I got to the store, and the guy very willingly (not) went and got me the model of phone I requested. As I explained to him what I needed, he quickly responded that all he could do was sell me the phone. I would need to call Customer Care to have them change the data plan. He seemed very emphatic and I was rather irritated, so I just bought the phone and headed home to call them again.
Once I got home, I got on the phone with yet another customer service person who adamantly told me that the store had to notify them directly to let the company know that I was legitimately buying a new model from their store. After I fussed for a minute (still politely you can ask Em) I asked her to call the store. She immediately agreed and so we did. After the representative at the store stonewalled her about his inability to apparently do ANYTHING, she got his name, manager number and dismissed him. Basically this whole ordeal could have been easily solved by someone who was competent. I just had to go into the store and call 3 times to find someone who was just that. Hopefully this whole mess will be done with soon. I'm really, really grateful for that guy being a douche on the phone with Treva (rational customer service!) just to prove that I'm not a crazy customer. She was really nice. If only all customer service people cared. Though I bet she didn't really. But that's okay. She did her job and made me feel taken care of. I hope I am.

What's the worst customer service you've encountered? On the phone? In person?
What's the best?

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