Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slip into Sleep

Last night I had a headache. Not an awful crawl into your bed and want to die headache. Just an almost really bad, mostly irritating headache. P didn't make it home til around 9 by which time I was ready for sleep. I hadn't seen him all day, so we crawled into bed to snuggle. After about 10 minutes of talking I was struck by the desire to listen to She & Him. If you haven't heard of them, they're an extremely mellow duo. Vocals and Guitar are the basis of what they do, and they soothe my soul. I turned on my Ipod and told him to turn it off once I was asleep. Which took about 1/2 of a song. I honestly can't remember why I stopped listening to music to fall asleep. It's so much simpler than tossing and turning, to listen to a familiar voice to help me slip into sleep. It's the little things I'm grateful for.

What routines do you have to help you sleep? Do you have a routine?

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