Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From one blog to another

I've been reading lots and lots of excellent blogs lately. To use up the early morning blah that I feel when I first get into work, to pick me up and inspire and motivate. To remind me that it's okay to be. However that is. Some of these blogs have thousands and thousands of followers. Some have less than ten. I love reading them all. Just like I love looking in lit windows at night. The voyeur in me wants to see your lives. As much as you're willing to share.
I love the moments where you see the honest truth, and the funny bits of life. I like seeing what you really think. For that matter I like saying what I really think. Not that I don't censor what I say, because I know my mom is reading this (Hi mom!), and because writing is about editing. Sometimes writing is more about what you don't say than what you do say. Isn't that funny? I love the ability to change the meaning with a letter... or punctuation... or ...
That's why I love blogging, and more importantly, love reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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