Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend News update!

P and I did indeed sell our trusty vehicle this past weekend. Gone and DONE! Yay! We are now pedestrians and public transportation users. Which we kind of were already. Which reminds me. Gotta get rid of that insurance plan! I watched  No Impact Man on Friday, so I felt rather funny selling the car on Saturday. Very trendy. Anyway, I'm really liking the feeling of getting rid of stuff and cleaning out our tiny apartment.
In celebration of selling the car we stopped at IKEA and bought a smaller table to go in our kitchen. And it's perfect! I really love it.
Part of this cleaning frenzy has to do with the fact that we're going out to the East coast for 10 days over the holidays... and then once we come back my older sister will be coming to stay for awhile with us. So I'm busy making room. And it's frustrating to know that some things are REALLY lost. And some things are just gone. No clue where they went. But we know they aren't in our apartment any more.
I've been on a documentary kick recently. I watched The Royals, The Lottery, Food Inc, and No Impact Man. I'm a fan of the genre, but mostly because it fuels my interest in finding out more about the topics. As documentaries are skewed to the extremes, one way or another.
It's been a good weekend here in the city.

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