Tuesday, December 14, 2010

F-Mobile (I could write this one in my sleep)

My phone STILL has the stupid data plan on it. I'm asking politely people. I'm not being mean or rude or in any way inconveniencing YOU (T-mobile). ALL I'll doing is asking for one small portion of my plan to be removed. Is this really the best you can do? You make me want to eliminate phone service altogether. I refuse to believe that you are incapable of doing this. This happens to be your entire job (Customer care? I think not.) fixing phone issues. It seems that your job is instead just telling me you can't. Way to be awful. You overcharge. You underserve. You make me hate this particular technology. Way to destroy your customer base. From now on I swear to only get the most minimal plan you provide. It seems to be the only thing you can correctly service. I'm not even sure that, that is a gross overstatement. F minus again T-mobile. If you had any accountability you'd be closed by now. (Unfortunately I'm sure that's true of most phone services.) Inadequate. FAIL.

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