Friday, December 3, 2010


That's what I came home to last night! Right after blogging about our dirty kitchen I went home to find my hubband in an apron washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen! And he hadn't even read my post yet. Such a sweet man.
In other news, Bones last night was so good. I love the fact that they are allowing Hannah to be a real character and not just a foil. The problem is that while I like the growth that Brennan is going through in seeing what a good relationship can be, I think they're going to kill off Hannah. I just don't think it's permanent. (Also I could have sworn that she was on an ad for a show premiering in January. But maybe that's just some other similar hot blond chick. Nah. We all know there's only one of those in Hollywood.) And they're going to have to kill her, because what girl in her right mind would leave Booth? On another side note, Kathryn Winnick (Hannah) is a licensed bodyguard. Awesome.
Oh, and if any of you loyal readers are wondering what to get me for Christmas? Bones is definitely on the list.

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