Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've recently discovered that people will only look at things if they're interesting!!! Which means that I need to decide if I'm blogging for my own benefit or for my reader's benefit. Which, looking at my statistics, and being a new blogger, are very few readers. What a cycle! Really it's just a bit ridiculous. I think about the websites that I visit regularly, and honestly ... I prefer them to have something new to look at every few minutes!  As a blogger, I would have to spend all day every day online in order to keep it updated with that kind of regularity. Which I understand that some people do in fact do just that. I don't think I could. Besides, with all that blogging, when exactly would you have time to actually do anything with your life? I mean, you do need something to blog about right? So, I am going to try blogging every few days (at least once a week) about something interesting that Em and I or possibly hubband and I have done. Which means I need to do interesting things! Any suggestions? Anyone? Buehler.... Buehler?

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