Thursday, October 14, 2010

Worth Living For

I've had a rough time with dresses in my lifetime. As a very curvy woman, dresses just don't fit me the way they should. I've found that I need lots of room and plenty of structure. Things that don't always go together in a dress. And so I wear cute tops and skirts. I haven't found a dress that I truly love ... ever.
Em brought me a dress the other day, that I love the styling of. It has a really pretty print, and a beautiful FULL skirt. I adore full skirts. I probably should have been a mom in the 50's. Unfortunately there's a zipper problem. It doesn't go all the way up. Malfunction of the zipper. NOT me :)

And then in perusing the many blogs that I do, over at 's feature of the day reviewing Shabby Apple really caught my eye. So I headed over to their site. And this list of dresses  made my heart jump! I can actually see myself wearing these. Comfortably!!! Next paycheck I am SO treating myself to a new dress.

In other news, in order to fit into that dress I should probably limit how often I make this divine creation Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. I'm fairly sure I gained 10 pounds overnight eating those straight out of the pot last night. yum. 

What helps your world go round?


  1. omg

    grilled cheese academy is equal parts hilarious and amazing!

    I'm a busty gal myself and I feel you on the dress thing! Post if you find some that work for you!

  2. You gained 10 pounds and yet still fit into the dress yesterday. Kudos!