Tuesday, March 22, 2011


No. I'm not moving.
I'm still here.
But the thing is, it was pointed out to me recently....
that as adults making "decent" money, Peter and I have the option of looking into buying  a house.
This is weird.
Also... I don't think we can really afford a house in the area that we want to live in.
So there's that.
but the fact that it's an option... is just strange.


  1. Come buy my house! Kidding (kinda).

    But owning a home, as quickly as you comfortably can, is a great idea. Especially right now while the interest rates and prices are low.

    Best of luck!

  2. We went as well. We could afford to buy, but we rent for several reasons. One, we don't plan on staying in this area for more than a few years. Two, we are focused on paying down debt. Three, even with the investment options and low rates, owning a house is a major expense and risk. As renters, if something breaks, our wallet doesn't pay for it. Plus living in a rental prevents us from spending money "fixing things up" that really don't need to be fixed. ~ Renee http://MeMyselfandMommy.com