Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog love

Epbot : Joy! Makes me smile every time.
PW : My future me. Without the country. Or cattle. Or the famousness.
XKCD: the comic that makes me feel dumb sometimes. I still smile and laugh once I've figured it out.
Pinterest: Amazing visuals. Brightens the possiblities of what can be in this world by showing me what already IS.
Kickstarter: Helping us make awesome things possible everyday. Crowdfunding: change the world.
Hey Nonny: Some pretty normal people writing about normal stuff. Reality.
Calling People Names: Warning: Not always clean. Notice! Usually funny.
The Bloggess: ALWAYS funny. Usually not normal.
Publish Peace Place: Promote good in the world.
Pacing the Panic Room: Great writing, even better photography.Also fantastic record Do Fun Stuff. Go check it out and do something nice for you and your kids. BUY it. Even better cuz it's great to help out.
Rachel Swan Design: Love her!! This particular post is about homebirth, something she's passionate about.
Hubband: Nerdy, Academic, Videogame blog. Yeah. That's mine. All mine. And now I can call him Peter. Cuz it's out there now.
Of course last but never least

Have fun reading folks!


  1. You blog love me? I blog love you too!

  2. Not sure why I sounded surprised there....

  3. I will have to check some of these out!

  4. Thanks for the link love, love! Did you have fun skiing? Oh, and we are still trying to decide about the valentine dinner - I'll let you know soon :)