Monday, February 14, 2011

The Weekend Recap

But FIRST! I'm having a Sprite and some chocolate for breakfast. Just the way to start off a morning. With a breakfast that is fizzy and sweet. And it will help me feel bloated and gassy later. Just the way a Valentine's day should be.Ah.
Now. On to business. On Saturday Peter and I did indeed get to do those two things I wanted to do. We hit The Copper Onion in downtown Salt Lake for a rather ritzy brunch and then on to the Broadway Theater to see the King's Speech. Brunch was really good. I'm always drawn to steak and eggs and Peter had the pasta carbonara... I really liked both. I also recommend their fries if you like thick cut steak fries covered in parmesan cheese. Yup. So so tasty! Also... We topped that off with a slice of berry compote cheesecake and flourless chocolate torte. Ooooh. I need to go get more of that.
Okay. So we strolled the hundred feet over to the box office to pick up tickets, and voila! the guy in the ticket booth gave us free tickets! Which totally justified buying popcorn and soda (We were almost 45 minutes early... so there was time to let our food settle) to support the theater. It needs it! And I need popcorn! I really really don't. But it's SO good. Oh and as a point of interest, we knew the guy who gave us the tickets. I didn't know he was going to be working though so it was a nice surprise. And he was super nice to give us the tix, as he's my old roommate's ex.
And that my friends... was my valentine's date. We spent 50% of the time playing battleship on my iPod. :)
I also recommend The King's Speech. If you're looking for a movie about dedication... this is it.
I hope you treat yourself to a wonderful valentines day regardless of who you're with.


  1. I love the Broadway Theatre! So glad you're supporting it!

  2. I have been wanting to see The King's Speech because we hold an annual Oscars' party and this one will be a winner.