Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Delicious Creamy Zucchini

Last night Peter and I were trying to decide what to make for dinner.... and because we had Squash and Zucchini that needed used, we decided to make a casserole. It was cheesy and gooey and creamy and probably had more dairy in it than vegetable. Probably not, but it was close. Oh, and it also has bacon. It turned out beautifully. It briefly crossed my mind to take a picture and venture into the food blog realm... but I was too hungry. So we just ate it. And I'm making it again tomorrow. Em is a very lucky girl. Bones night is on again!! Life is good. Oh SO good.

1 comment:

  1. I love Bones! I'm so happy it is back on and I can't wait for them to kill off Hannah.
    I'm also very interested in trying your zucchini cheesy casserole - what are your Sunday plans?

    Hope you're having a good day + keep your eyes open for a valentine just for you + Pete!