Monday, June 6, 2011

Mawwiage...It's what...

Does getting married really make everyone come together?
Weddings are wonderful celebrations. They make great parties. Great food/desserts. Great clothes.
And hopefully great couples.

I know a couple of people who got married recently. And I really wonder if they're going to make it. I knew them separately, from different times of my life. Before anyone was "adult" or considering marriage (read: irresponsible). I sincerely hope that they've grown in ways that will complement and complete each other. That's what you hope for any marriage.

I've known lots of people with divorced parents. As I've grown and gotten married myself, more and more of my friends are tying and buying into the marriage knot. And unfortunately a portion of those have already found that they didn't make the right decision somewhere along the way and are now divorced.

Numerous pop culture and classic stories have been written about this goal of marriage. All asking the same question in one way or another. . . Is it worth it?

I know it is and has been for me, worth every second. I really hope Peter agrees.

But what makes it stick? Because I'm really hoping we have that too.

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  1. Marriage has definitely been worth it to me. Unfortunately, I have seen all too many people quit so easily. I think we, as a society, have gotten lazy...Anything that requires work or effort isn't worth it...Yes, marriage is work. But it can be the greatest joy if people let go of their insecurities and entrust themselves to the one they love.

    Plus there are so many that rush into things SO fast. Their ambition to get married gets in the way of marrying the right person. They need to take their time if they are emotionally not ready. And others need to be there to step in and let them know if they don't believe they're not ready. Just my opinion. ;)