Monday, June 27, 2011

Work work work

I've been busy away from the computer a lot lately it seems. I've neglected a lot of different things in favor of sleep.
But my little plants keep growing without me! Except for when I forget to water them. Then they wilt a bit in the heat. Luckily I've remembered to check on them every few days so far.

The mint is flourishing in the shade, but I'm thinking of repotting the other herbs one more time into individual pots. The booklet I received from a Kickstarter project there in the center says that repotting more than once is a no no... but I think I'm going to have to do it. Looking through the booklet, there's lots of cool information on urban gardening. Some I'm not so interested in... like composting and worm bins. I know they're both really good things... but... ick. Maybe next year. Other projects I would be interested in trying. Like a Salad Table. And maybe some large potted veggies. We'll see!

For now I'm just enjoying the blue skies and sunshine!

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