Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I want to know. What is SO great about tweeting? Twitter seems to be fairly ubiquitous, and yet extremely exclusive if you're not involved. It's one of "those" things. Tech that I don't understand/am not quite a part of. Yet. I've been considering it. More and more.
I'm thinking about dropping FB and picking up more on blogs and twitter.
I hardly get any useful information out of Facebook anymore, except for occasionally a pregnancy announcement or a random "hey I'm moving" sort of thing. Which I certainly do appreciate knowing, but honestly... If we talked on the phone or actually wrote each other (meaning really consistent friends) I should already know that!
And I find out far more information through blogs at the moment anyway. Maybe it's just that twitter is all about one liners and therefore hold far more humor potentiality. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about it. But do I want to know the little random things about where people are and what they're doing/breathing/eating/etc?

I must ponder this some more.

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