Friday, May 20, 2011

51 Weeks

A lot can happen in that much time, y'know?
Hopefully, some of these:
I'll finish moving into our new apartment
Peter will finish his thesis
We'll celebrate a few important holidays at OUR house!
I'll really stop biting my nails
I'll get a raise... maybe.
I'll get outside and see the sun and soak up a tan
Some lazy summer/fall evenings and some cozy winter days
A baby-maybe.
Peter will start his PhD at some point...
I'll become a super crafty and organized person.
After one year of living in our new house it will really be ours
And it will be coherently and cohesively decorated.
And in 51 weeks thereabouts, I'll be another year older.

So for a belated birthday celebration, I'm having a barbeque. Regardless of whether or not the weather agrees with me. Though I'd really like it if it did...

1 comment:

  1. Luckily the weather knew not to mess with the BBQ. I like your list for the next 51 weeks. I thought about making my own list but then realized that I REAAAALLLYYY don't want to think about the next 51 weeks. Blah.