Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Somehow I made it to Wednesday without writing. WEIRD. Anyhow I have some fun (sortof) photos!
 As Peter so kindly put it, "It doesn't look all bushy anymore!" I'm so glad I've managed to encourage even a little growth. Hopefully this little pot will be able to support my mint habit. :) I've a rather addictive fondness for mint limeade. The darn guys at the farmers market make it so well, but I just can't afford it at $4 a glass.
In other horticultural news:
They're growing! Just a few more inches and I'll need to transplant them out of their little cute pots. Hopefully soon I won't have to buy these herbs... just pick them fresh!

 So remember how last Tuesday Peter and I went to Joanne's to pick out fabric and notions for some aprons? Well, while I was there I picked up some of this: 1/4" elastic in black and 1/4" elastic in white.

I hate tying shoelaces, because it takes SO long. Okay, not really, I just find it an inefficient way to secure shoes to your feet. Mostly because I dislike shoes and I want to be able to get them on and off quickly.
So I did this!

You'd better believe that all my tennis shoes are going to be getting this treatment. No more untied shoelaces to trip over, and now they're as easy to wear as sandals. Also: my children may never learn how to tie shoes. But that's okay with me. Just as long as they keep making elastic forever.

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  1. I like the elastic! Way to be creative and functional!