Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring is bustin' out...

And BOY is it wet. A little bit of sunshine sprinkled into the rain storms is helping  to mediate the rain, but I think that everyone is really starting to get tired of the dampness. This dry, dry desert just isn't used to all this humidity.

I know that some houses and locations in the valley are flooding and it's not fun for everyone, but I'm just grateful that the city isn't underwater. Unlike other parts of the country. The world really seems to be taking a beating from Mother Nature this year so far. There have been so many natural disasters.

Or maybe I'm just more aware of the news in other parts of the world now.

Maybe the problem is I get my news from Facebook. I keep debating about Facebook. Is it worth it? It's a huge waste of time usually. Do I really need to know that my husband's friend's wife's friend is having a crappy day at work? But there are times when I'm really grateful for it. Like the time that it let me know that an old acquaintance passed away, or the time that it told me my friends survived that tornado... I guess it has it's uses.

But I'm not always sure it's worth it. It seems less and less personal these days.

1 comment:

  1. I like to think of facebook as a living address book. Beyond that I try and kind of limit my time.

    Can't wait for some warm sunshine.