Tuesday, April 19, 2011

End of the week

I realize it's actually Tuesday. I happen to think that it's Thursday.
I know it's only 9:37 am. It seems as though it should be at least noon already.
Time: Why are you so confusing?

Luckily, I'm caught up here at work and I only have a few non-urgent projects to work on. Which is good, because my focus is all over the place.

Peter and I reorganized the other day. We made him an office in my favorite room of the house. Which means that I now have room in our bedroom to make a workspace/craft space for me.
So now I have to decide what exactly I want to do with this space. I know I need room for at least one work table. But I need room for crafty/artsy stuff too. Also I need storage space for tools, gadgets, and supplies.
But what sort of crafty things should I be focusing on? Photography? Writing? Sketching or Painting? Sewing? I need this all to be practical and interesting... I just have to narrow down my focus so I can really delve into the area I want to be working in.

If only I knew where to start.

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