Friday, April 1, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

I saw this yesterday... ALL BY MYSELF. I find I'm by myself a lot, but it's increasingly rare that I take the time to DO something alone. If I'm doing something I usually bring along Peter, or Em (Yay Em!) or my sister... or another friend, etc. For example: Last weekend it wasn't enough to go to Logan. We (Peter and I) rented a car and brought along Emma to go visit friends. We don't leave the city very often so I felt the need to make it into an "event". And it was fun. Amazingly so.
But yesterday i was left to my own devices. So I picked a movie and went.
And this particular movie is all about decisions. Commitments. Choosing your own destiny. Making it so. hehe...
I liked the treatment of the plot until the last 5 minutes. It's like the screenwriters forget that we don't always need the moral subtext hammered into us. It would have been a much better movie if it had just ended a minute or two earlier.
Oh... And Emily Blunt and Matt Damon are rather easy on the eyes. That helps.

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