Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weird things

Strange things that happened over the weekend.
I saw David Archuleta at the Mall. Not performing or anything. Just walking around....
I saw three movies in three days. The Adjustment Bureau, Rango, and Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre was by FAR my favorite. Though Em doesn't like it. :(

I found out that my sister and brother in law are moving here - ish. Much much closer than before at least.
My other sister got a full time job. Yay!!!
I realized yesterday that I wanted a green salad. VERY strange.So much so that I ate two of them.
Also: Oranges.

Okay, so not all of those are weird. And not all of them happened on the weekend. But they are all things that happened since I last blogged.

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  1. Hi BriannEm,

    I'd love to send you the pricing list for photos! Just email me at benincosa at gmail dot com!