Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finding light

I don't know if you have all noticed...but I've been mentioning the early morning light a lot here on this little ole' blog. As each morning brightens, my spirit lifts just a bit. This encapsulated the way I feel most days. There's the part that you present to the world that you're comfortable with. It's a nice version of you. It's clean, and presentable. The kind of person your mother wants you to be. And you are that person most of the time.
But some days that part of you that you don't share with too many people just pops out. And you're snarky, rude, generally unhelpful, and quite a bit condescending. Though to be honest that doesn't last too long usually. The dark side recedes and voila! You're a nice person again.
I have to admit that my dark side amuses me and is generally funnier than the nice side.

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