Thursday, January 6, 2011


I love the time between being done with one project and beginning another. It's a perfect moment of peace. And completeness. Which is usually interrupted by a blunt jolt of reality. At home, it's when I finish tidying a room and have yet to step into the next dirty room. At work it's when I finish a task and file it away. I like knowing that at least for a moment whatever it is, is in it's best, most complete form. And I made it that way!
I think what makes it so great is the feeling of accomplishment that helps me begin work on the next huge problem. It's checking things off a list that help me realize there is an end to the list. (Even if there's another list to follow.) At least I'm moving forward and making progress. I need to be better and finding helpful rewards for myself. Positive reinforcement... right?

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