Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out a day

As you may have noticed... or not... I was out yesterday! Monday really threw me for a loop, and I had to take Tuesday to recuperate and recognize more good things in my life. You know, more little happy thoughts had to be gathered and noted. Fuel for the fire. What things do you think of to keep yourself going?
What do you do to regenerate positive energy?
Yesterday was some of the first alone time I've had in a while. To sit and watch it snow. To organize. Clean. Do some laundry. Feel refreshed. Read a book and eat dark chocolate pomegranate candies. That last part was probably my favorite. All wrapped up in my quilt of love.
A pretty good day all topped off with some Castle and snuggling.
I feel much better today.


  1. I'm workign on generating some positive energy myself so I might be back here in your comments to search for answers. I love to turn to books, other people's words/wisdom. I love going on walks, bonding/playing with my puppy, taking a class (dance or yoga for me), starting a project/painting/craft, cooking a good wholesome meal, sometime even better is to treat yourself and the mister to a night out! call up your girlfriends and bitch a little (to get it out of your system, to toss ideas around)--but it seems you've got a few go-tos already lined up xo

  2. I take a warm bath, do yoga, organize stuff, watch netflix,go for a run, and read. I'm sorry you're feeling funky, and hope you're feeling better today!