Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Snooow, SNOW!

It's really coming down quickly out there. It's been an interesting winter for snowfall here. Mostly because in the three years I've lived here, we've had the most consistent snowfall I've experienced. The consistency of the snow is a quick change though. And today... is light and fluffy with a side of powdered sugar.
So I'm looking forward to going skiing sometime soon. We'll see if it actually happens this year. Just the little hills for me though. I'm definitely not experienced enough to try anything else. You know, I find it so interesting that weather crops up so often in conversation... but realistically we do that, because it's the only thing that really affects all of us. At least when we're not having transcontinental conversations. So for all of you where it's not snowing powdered sugar... Sorry bout that.

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