Friday, January 7, 2011

Staying Solvent

So this year my goal is to stay solvent. And aware. Not spend too much. But some. And guess what folks!! We're off to a great start! And to celebrate we're planning a night in with Em. :) YAY! It's been SO long since we got to hang out. And also my sister... K is going to be moving in with me and P. We'll see how that goes. Living with family after so long is always... interesting to adjust to. So everyone bear with me okay?
I have to say I'm really loving getting things checked off my lists. Next up? Calling my health insurance... :(


  1. Hear hear! I intend to do the same...but also save copious amounts of money before June. Good luck. And yay for Tuesday!

  2. Great goal! And saving is good too!