Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The most interesting thing over the past year has been how close January has always seemed. Whether in the middle of June and it seems like January was just here... or November, and it's just around the corner. For some reason January is always lurking for me. This year I've decided though that I like that about January. Not New Years eve or New Year's Day... I like the quiet steadiness. Everyone is getting ready for spring, even though that's probably still a few months away for us here in Utah. I like that I don't have loads of things asking for my attention. I LOVE that it's getting brighter, earlier and darker, later every day. I like how much hope there is in January. I like the casual get togethers. I like the fact that I can get back to my (almost) regular Thursdays with P and Em soon. There are so many reasons, and mostly I really like the quiet, because my house is cleaner than it has been in a while and the last couple evenings were spent lounging around in the quiet, clean-ish house while P worked on school things. Sort of.
Can the rest of January be spent this way? Please?

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