Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Ball

Yesterday in the post I received a large blue ball. At the time of course it wasn't inflated or anything. I spent about 15 minutes using the extremely squeaky provided air pump to inflate the ball to the recommended 65 cm. Which, may I note, is a lot larger than it sounds. I spent an hour yesterday sitting on it and an hour this morning.
Fairly sedentary activity, and my thighs are KILLING me. Shows how much physical activity I usually get. I'm going to begin to incorporate a slight amount of sitting with good posture, we'll see how that goes. I'll have to work up to sitting on it all day.
I may have to get one to sit/exercise on when I'm watching TV.
Maybe in my future house the only furniture in the TV room will be bouncy balls and treadmills. Yeah. That sounds fun.


  1. "In the post" - I love you. :) And yes, I want to come to your future house of exercise materials. Can we have a dance floor, zumba instructor, and stretchy bands too.

  2. Of course we can Anna!! I'm planning on one floor of my house to be a dance floor. One wall Mirrors, one wall windows...

  3. I love exercise balls! I would always sit on one during my yoga training/lectures. I would spend the first 40 minutes bouncing + rolling all over the place, and the last 4 hours wishing I was on the floor because my back was killing me! I'm glad you're enjoying yours! xoxoxo