Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riding the bus

So it's finally getting light enough in the mornings that I'm not waiting for the bus in the dark. But with school starting today the bus is crammed full of students and normal people just trying to get to work. So as I sat down this morning on the bus, I ended up by a group of about 5 very young girls who as their very loud conversation would state, were all nursing students. And one of them commenced complaining about how long their school day was. A whole 6 1/2 hours. OH NO! I mean, I'm not technically in the medical field. I'm administrative. And I'm at work for 9 hours a day. Most people are, unless they're working part time, or they have some other excuse. Girl on the bus will have a very rude awakening when she realizes that the profession she's studying usually has 12 hour shifts. OMG. That's like ... Double? Right. Anyway, it just reminded me how sheltered and isolated the life of a student can be. It's also focused with clear cut goals and deadlines. I kind of miss that.


  1. Funny. Sometimes I miss the naivte and binders of youth.

  2. Bhahahaha! They should try working 40 hours a week AND going to school. Now THOSE are long days.