Friday, January 28, 2011

Heading into the Weekend

There are lots and lots of things that are swimming around up in this noggin of mine. Here and Now.
Possibilities and not-this-times... Hopes and fears... responsibilities and wants... bills and paychecks...
So many little bits that make up my life are all jumbled up here inside of me. I let some of them out. I keep others in. There is Pain and Healing over in the top left hand corner. Ambition and Procrastination are playing jacks out front. Creativity is sleeping in the back nook and Responsibility is driving a bit erratically after a few too many nights without sleep.
For the weekend: I'm hoping for Stress and Worry to leave, Cleanliness can come and sit a while, and rambunctious, carefree Fun won't be too hard to find.

Summer's coming soon and I'm going to be ready.

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